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sir,'s chevrolet beat performance in hilly areas..if we will go like hilly areas badrinath,hemkund, macleodganz..etc.. or any other..someone told me that chevy beat diesel has small diesel engine so small engine cars are risky for hilly areas and very much problem while climbing... bt sir many people also go in hilly ares with maruti800 and alto800..sir how's possible.. i m very confused.. actually i want to buy chevrolet beat diesel...and i have to go for hilly areas after every one year..
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    Saturday, July 14 2012 - #Permalink
    On Hilly Areas - one should ideally prefer cars with high torque and high power - It gives better control and stability in driving even in lower gears.
    Generally Diesel cars have better torque over counterpart Petrol Cars

    Will recommend to buy car:-
    - Power Steering with ESP (Electronic Stability Program) is an ideal feature for better maneuverability while driving
    - with ABS (Anti Brake System) to avoid Skids on highways to avoid skids on sudden brakes
    - With Fog Lights in both Front and Rear (If not there in showroom condition car - do get it before moving to hilly areas)
    - Buy Cars with High Ground Clearance

    Budget hence becomes a key factor.

    You probably have to look at Beat Top End - LT Option Diesel - if budget is not constraint choose Swift Top End Diesel

    Pl note - Above features are recommended. There are cars also which are been driven without power steering, esp, abs, fog lights in India in hilly areas. It all depends - how well one looking to drive safe.

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    Thursday, May 26 2016 - #Permalink
    what is actual recommended ground clearance for off track (like Himalayan driving)?

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