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Hi, I have buy used Maruti Esteem LXi 2000 , I am planing to fit CNG kit in my car but the new CNG cost was around 30k with registration in Mumbai, So i am planing to fit a Second Hand (USED) CNG kit, My Question is can i register a Second Hand (USED) CNG kit on my RC book .... & what was the cost for register, please suggest me.

Mohammed Rafik

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    Saturday, January 25 2014 - #permalink
    As long as CNG Kit is authorized, then yes transfer is very much possible from one car to other one
    If you buying a used CNG Kit - ensure that CNG kit is removed from endorsement from previous car, RTO Office will then only return the kit test certificates, layout approval and other documents as submitted

    Then can resubmit the papers - including approval, layout and other dox and can surely apply for endorsement in your other car

    However - on advisory basis - its not much recommended to buy a used cng kit, first is the cost you pay to seller, then the performance is well unknown, no warranty on kit. You also have to bear in fitment charges along with some new parts for compatibility purpose. Then is RTO endorsement charges

    If the new cng kit cost around rs 30,000 - your saving will not be more than 10,000 rs overall on buying a used kit - unless its more than 4 yr old and performance is already deteriorated.

    For more details on CNG Kit Transfer
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