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I am considering Top End Skoda Rapid Elegance MY14 or Volkswagen Vento Highline Diesel. What are the differences, Key Unique Features, Post After Sales Support and overall the better pick among these two
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    Wednesday, December 18 2013 - #Permalink
    See - if you look at 1.6 Lit Engine, Power and Pickup, Smoothness in Engine Performance, Body Built specs in terms of Length, Width, Height, Boot, Ground Clearance, Leg room, Mileage - both cars are virtually similar with negligible difference of minor variation

    Both Models also are fully loaded and has almost similar top of line features. Both have Automatic Climate Control, ABS, EBD, Dual Airbags, Rear Seat AC Vents, Power Steering, Anti Pinch Power Window, Kelyess Lock, Chrome Package in both Interiors, Exteriors, 15 Inch Alloys, 2 Din CD Player with Steering mounted Control, USB Aux and Bluetooth connectivity etc

    However - its the cosmetic looks, interior color tone, couple of features as usp and post sales service network which differentiates one with other

    - Like Skoda Rapid MY 2014 comes with Daytime Projector Headlights and Smart On board computer, which is not there in Vento
    - Vento has Leatherette Seat Upholstery in Highline, while Rapid comes with Fabric Seat Upholstery in Top end Elegance - though Rapid too has Leather wrapped steering wheel and gear knob which is there in Vento too
    - Looks. The Radiator Grill design, Bumper Looks in both Front and Rear of Rapid and Vento.are different, The Color Tone of Interiors in terms of dashboard and seats
    - In Terms of Maintenance and After Sales Support. Skoda India offlate is showing very high transparency by putting up spare parts, service cost on there website. However, still Volkswagen has a slight bigger network than Skoda

    As differences are very few - you have to decide on which suits more in terms of looks, cosmetics, features and overall feel. Ultimately - you will end up buying same mechanical and brand Volkswagen (Skoda is part of Volkswagen Group only).

    Below are some pictures of Interiors & exterior
    Skoda Rapid Interior pics are old, elegance model now do have Steering mounted controls (which is mot referred in pic)

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