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  1. Abhishek lakhanpal
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  3. Saturday, February 10 2018
I want to buy isuzu dmax space cab for personal use. Is it worth buying and can we register it as private vehicle because it comes under commercial vehicle from manufacturer.
will it be good for rough roads?and availibity of spare parts and accessories of isuzu is good or bad?
Abhishek Accepted Answer
It comes under commercial vehicle so it have speed governor fitted. As i will be using it as personal car so can i remove speed governor and how much it will cost me and will there be any isssue with warranty voilation if i remove it

Admin Accepted Answer

Isuzu Dmax S Cab comes with 2.5 Litre Engine with just 78 BHP Power and 176 NM Torque and carries 1700 Kg Kerb Weight
It translates to just around 45 BHP/tonne. The Car has 6.1 meter Turning radius

As we have not test drive Isuzu Dmax S Cab - so would not be able to comment on performance, handling
But can tell that Its best suited for Commercial usage and is not what designed for Private usage
Although to the info we have - the car is not allowed for private registration in some of the cities - but some users do private registration in other cities - may check with local dealer on same

If you seek to consider car basis price point, Wide body specs and fact been Isuzu been Japanese Technology then to let know - the car comes
> On Road Sticker Price Rs 9 Lakh Plus (without registration) and that is still a lot of money
> Designed for commercial with very bare basic features
> No ABS, No Dual Airbags
> Isuzu has smaller network

Hope should help !!
Thank you sir
I want a b pickup so. Between isuzu, tata and mahindra. Isuzu i liked the most but they all comes with speed governor. Can you please tell me how can we bypass it.
showroom's salesperson told me that with the help of a device we can bypass it and increase performace of this truck.
What is that device and it is possible with isuzu.if yes how much it will cost. If any cheap alternative is available please mention that also.
Abhishek Accepted Answer
I want to buy isuzu s has 2 varient low ride and high ride. Price lf high ride is 8.67 lkh ex showroom. The color and varient i want is available with dealer. He is told me that he will give 30k cash +free debt insurance. Is this discount good enough.should we take free insurance from dealer or tell him to not to give insurance but more cash discount around. At what maximum discount can i get?
As i am from himachal and the dealer is from delhi. So all the conversation was on phone and he was very desperate to sell that car.maybe due to its already in stock.
What do you suggest how much discount is reasonable. And at what all points we can ask foe discount.
Thank you

Admin Accepted Answer
Hello Abhishek,

Am really unsure on Isuzu S Cab
At max - has have some update on Isuzu V Cross
But - S Cab as is primarily meant for commercial with under-powered engine, and to the fact is that have not test driven it and neither can the car be registered under private registration as known in Delhi, Gurgaon

Speed Governor is something which to our info needs modification to ECU and is thus can not be done
The maximum speed limit is 80 Kmph and considering power to body weight - i can tell you 1 thing that power pickup performance would be very average.

In terms of discounts - unsure what stock is the dealer having and how much discounts - suggest to explore with other Isuzu Dealer and throw in overall benefits as expectation 1 Lakh overall benefits and check there reaction and promptness

Also - one more thing if you seek an Off-roader - i would still be happy to invest in Mahindra Thar instead of spending money on car meant for commercial. Check out - 4x4 SUV in India

Should help !!
Abhishek Accepted Answer
Thar is good but i want a single vehicle for business as we as for personal use.i have seen scab with white plate in my area. I have also seen genio and camper in whit plate. Need to talk to the owner of that car regarding registration.
And aren't its engine is same as v cross. But speed governor reduce its power.
Car salesman told me that it can be done it will cost between 10 - 20k.
I have seen performance chip in amazon. Will they work on it?
One dealer in gurgaon has the car i want in his stock. Its 2018 make and gray in color. I asked him for 80k cash discount but he said its impossible.
Other dealer said he will give good deal minimum 20 k discount.
All these conversations was on phone. So when i will go to showroom. How should i negotiate with sleasman.

And please take out some time to test drive s cab high looks cool.waiting for test drive. attached of performance booster and high ride scab.
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