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  1. Rohit
  2. Service & Maintenance
  3. Saturday, July 15 2017
I am getting Used Chevy beat 3 years Old in just Rs 2 Lakh, but concerned on Service upkeep and Maintenance Costs. Could you advise on how much will it cost to maintain Beat
Admin Accepted Answer

You have not mentioned whether its Beat Petrol or Diesel one you getting

Chevy Beat Service Schedule
Chevy Beat Service schedule is every 10000 Kms or 12 month - which ever earlier
> Engine Oil (3.75 Lit Petrol, 3.5 Lit Diesel) with Oil Filter - 5W/30 Engine Oil, Every 10,000 Kms or 12 Mo
> Air Filter - Every 20000 Kms
> Cabin AC Pollen Filter - if Equipped or Added Every 10000 Kms
> Fuel Filter - Every 30,000 Kms or 3 yr (Beat Petrol), Every 20,000 Kms or 2 yrs (Beat Diesel)
> Spark Plug (Beat Petrol) - Every 30,000 Kms or 3 yr
> Brake Fluid 500 ml - Every 2 yr or 20000 Kms whicvere earlier
> Wheel Alignment, Balancing, Rotation - Alignment every 5000 Kms
> Coolant (4.74 litre) - Every 5 Yr or 50000 Kms which ever earlier
> Gear Oil (2.1 Litre) - Only Top up / Inspection

Above Service Schedule is for cars manufactured from 2014 and onwards, while for pre 2013 cars - it was 6 month and had a different schedule

Chevy Beat Service Cost
> Engine Oil (@ Rs 300 / Litre) + Oil Filter with Taxes Includes Rs 1400 for Beat Petrol / Rs 1700 for Beat Diesel
> Brake Fluid top up 250 ml Rs 160 per 250 ml
> Coolant Replacement (5 Litre @ Rs 250 per Litre) Rs 1250
> Brake Bleed Rs 200 as Labor Charges
> Air Filter Rs 300 for Petrol, Rs 500 for Diesel
> Cabin AC Pollen Filter Rs 500
> Engine Coolant Replacement @ Rs 250 / Litre Rs 1200
> AC Disinfectant Rs 850
> Fuel Filter Rs 400 for Petrol. Rs 1400 for Diesel
> Compressor Oil Rs 550
> Horn Assembly Rs 950
> Brake Overhaul Cleaning with Caliper Greasing Rs 900 for Both Front & Rear Brakes
> Front Brake Pads Replacement Rs 2500
> Front Wheel Bearing Rs 5000
> Wiper Blade Set Rs 500
> Clutch Plate Assembly (Clutch Plate, Pressure Plate, Release Bearings) with Labor Rs 8000 approx in Beat Petrol. Rs 13000 to 15000 in Beat Diesel
> Wheel Alignment & Balancing (Weight Additional) Rs 750
> TurboCharger Assembly - Part (Though due to Turbo Failure, Engine Overhaul work will be performed which will have indicated expense of 50K - 60K) Rs 15000
> Both Timing Chain & Tensioner Chain Rs 2400

Pls note that Chevrolet India does not recommend adding Engine Oil Additives or Engine Oil Flushing . "The use of engine oil additives could cause damage and invalidate the warranty. Engine oil system flushes are not recommended and could cause engine damage not covered by the vehicle warranty".

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Changed front excel bearings, shocker kit

Still problem not resolved.

I have checked at 80km speed with neutral gear and without paddle.

Same sound ... It mean engine is not probleming...

Please suggest.
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dhivakar Accepted Answer
i have using Chevrolet beat diesel car 150000 km running my when start smoke exposed oil was burning, Please suggest.
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manish Accepted Answer
i have BEAT diesel 2014 model , 80000km done ,if car engine seized (diesel engine) what is cost off full engine repair with parts (overhaul). & what is the cost of new diesel engine.
please also tell a new diesel engine how many kilometers done easily,,,what is life of diesel kilometers i mean if i buy a old diesel car done 80000km ,, so how many more kilometers it will run..

Admin Accepted Answer

Engine overhaul cost will depend on scope of work and may cost around 70K to Rs 1.3 Lakh
A Complete Engine replacement with labor, taxes will almost cost in around Rs 1.5 - 1.6 Lakh

Pl note that Engine Overhaul Engine Overhaul means Engine removed and disassembled. Then
> Engine Block,
> Piston Rings,
> Bearings,
> Crankshaft,
> Connecting rod
> Gasket
> Oil Seals

are all tested in and replacement is carried out if required. The estimated cost is based on the number of parts which are replaced in.

Hope should help !!
Tandel Accepted Answer
Sir charvolet beat diesel car lt model 2011 hai . Oil back marta hai kya kare ???
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