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Which is Better - Maruti Swift or Hyundai Grand I10

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Thursday, September 05 2013
Is Maruti Swift still the leader or is it been overtaken with Hyundai Grand I10. What are Positives and Negatives of both I10 and Swift Car in India
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    Monday, September 09 2013 - #permalink
    Hello Ravi,

    Lets have a comparison of Hyundai Grand I10 against Maruti Swift Hatch

    Engine In terms of Engine - Swift is more powerful in both Petrol and Diesel
    - 1.2 Lit Swift K Series delivers 87 BHP, 113 NM Torque. Hyundai Grand I10 also comes in 1.2 Lit Engine but has got 82 BHP Power
    - Swift 1.3 Lit Engine delivers 75 BHP Power with peak torque of 190 NM Torque. Hyundai Grand I10 comes in 1.1 Lit Crdi Diesel Engine in 3 Cylinder with 70 BHP Power with lesser torque at 160 NM

    Been in 3 Cylinder Engine, Grand I10 is slight more fuel efficient at 24 Kmpl as against claimed mileage of 22.9 Kmpl of Swift
    However, the Pep, Engine in Swift has an edge over Grand I10

    Body Specifications
    Both cars come with good legroom space - comparable with each other, are tall in body design. However Swift Excels in Slight better length and marginal better shoulder room

    Hyundai Grand I10 excels in :- - 8% bigger boot space and Interior Features

    Interiors & Features
    In terms of Interiors and Exteriors, Both cars comes with good interiors (however nothing exceptional though).
    In terms of body looks - Swift to our view seems more modern and stylish against Grand I10

    In terms of Features - Grand I10 has in all with more variants to offer in to customer - Foldable ORVM, Cooled Glove Box, Push Button Ignition etc in Sportz & Asta variants makes it a stylish pick

    If we compare Features of Grand I10 Sportz against Swift Vxi/Vdi (in 5 Lakh price in Petrol & 6 Lakh in Diesel)
    - Grand I10 is economical by almost Rs. 10,000 - 15,000
    - Though both Grand I10 Sportz and Swift Vxi/Vdi Comes with Features - Power Steering with Tilt Steering, All 4 Door Power Window, Remote Central Lock, Turn Indicators on ORVM

    Grand I10 Sportz also has additionally:- Push Button Ignition, Double Din Music System, Foldable ORVM, Cooled Glove Box, Roof Rails
    Also, door handles are body colored in Swift Vxi, while in Grand I10 comes with Chrome Finish

    In terms of After Sales Service - both Maruti and Hyundai have well established nationwide Service network with economical spares. Both Manufacturers sell there spare parts over the counter and are well suited to pocket in maintenance

    Grand I10 Edge:- Features, Mileage and Space at a value price
    Maruti Swift Egde:- Engine Pep, Looks and proven successful and stylish brand

    So - can decide accordingly for the best buy by considering the priorities or may check complete model wise details in Section on:-New Car
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