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Honda Amaze or Toyota Etios. Which is a better Sedan

posted in Finance, Insurance   by: Guest
Thursday, April 11 2013
Finalized one sedan among Honda Amaze or Toyota Etios. Which is more powerful, features, space, low maintenance and a better buy among these 2 cars

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Sunday, April 14 2013 - #permalink
I have visited the Honda show room to see the Amaze -petrol & Diesel version.though it looks cool with nice exterior and interior,compared to Etios , but disappointed to see the rear seat where 3 person can't seat in good comfort, so whole purpose of buying mid size sedan is lost :(, in my opinion.

Etios looks more comfortable ,spacious in these regard, No doubt about that,:D Amaze V Xi V Tec (P) is the only premium version that provides safety features such as ABS & Airbag but prized at 6.60 lacs Ex.showroom) compared to Etios G-sp valued at 6.48 lacs so, for petrol sedan , Etios is far ahead in all regard except the looks..! IMHO Amaze is very good option for those person having small family,who wants to buy hatchback and small cars so in Amaze they may get Nice boot space,and Honda technology..hope it helps..!
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    Friday, April 12 2013 - #permalink

    I am equally confused. Please share if you have got any input or finalized one of the two.
    Thanks, Sandy
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    Monday, April 15 2013 - #permalink
    Very True, Etios has an edge (atleast in Petrol):-

    - Much more spacious Interiors
    - Bigger Boot - Rather the best boot among all Entry Sedan, Mid Sedan or even Executive Sedan Segment
    - New Etios has improved interiors and cabin dash space and are definitely a plus against Amaze
    - Seating Comfort in Etios is better for 5 passengers against Amaze

    - Amaze has a powerful Diesel Engine
    - Amaze can deliver better fuel efficiency in Diesel
    - Has first of its kind Power Foldable ORVM and heat absolrbing windscreen

    Amaze could be a pick in Diesel due to sole attribute to its Engine and Pricing. However, for Petrol - yes Etios V is surely a model to look for
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    Monday, April 15 2013 - #permalink
    Fully agree with you..Admin..! no doubt that ..! for petrol it's Etios and for Diesel if one is having small family then Amaze is very good option -it's value for money car with all the safety features at affordable rate..
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    Monday, October 13 2014 - #permalink
    I love Toyota Etios
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