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Cleanest Cities of India with Best Air Quality. Least Polluted Cities

Cleanest Cities of India with Best Air Quality. Least Polluted Cities

Clean Air, Lush Green Gardens, Lowest Pollution Index are what gives a feel of Next Home. Know Least Polluted Cities of India offering a place to move in 


Cleanest Cities of India - Lowest in Air Pollution 

While Cities like Delhi, Varanasi, Gwalior, Allahabad, Kanpur, Amritsar, Lucknow tops the name for not only been most Polluted in India, but features in Top 20 Polluted Cities in the world

Heavy Air Pollution has caused all of us in an Emergency like Situation. While - we all have to act to be due diligent in Waste Management, Vehicles - Here are some cities which are benchmark with Cleanest Air and known for lowest Air Borne Pollutants - PM 2.5 and PM 10 in India.

List of Top 10 Cleanest Green Cities of India with Lowest Air Pollution

City State Part Comments
Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh North India Have cleanest Air as per Study by IIT. PM 2.5 Levels are under 5 g/m3 as against India's average of 40 g/m3. While in Delhi its hovering around 150 g/m3. Kinnaur is also known for one among Best Apples in entire World. Enjoy Kinnaur with Cleanest Air and Freshest Apples for the Stay of Lifetime.
Gandhinagar Gujarat Western India GandhiNagar - Capital of Gujarat is known for least Polluted City. Air is Clean and as per estimates with over 30 Lakh Trees planted in, Gandhinagar counts in among the Greenest Town in the Entire world. The Cover Picture is real Picture of Gandhinagar road
Mysore Karnataka South India Pro-Active measures to check Air Pollution, keeping City Clean by Residents and Government is well paying off. Mysore is one among best cleanest places in terms of Waste Disposal System, Air Quality levels in India
Kollam Kerala South India Kollam, the beautiful City in Kerala known for Beaches, Sea is also as per WHO - is among Top 3 cities having lowest No2, Pm2.5, Pm10 levels. The Particulate are lowest in here
Puducherry Tamil Nadu South India Kiran Bedi ji is in Puducherry. Clean Streets, Clean Beaches is what the aim of Shramdaan Movement as launched. Frequent Rains helps in keeping Particulate low. Pondi Government is working towards retaining Pondicherry as cleanest and Greenest among all UT and States in India
Mallapuram Kerala South India As per CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) - Mallapuram is the 2nd City after Kollam where all types of Pollutants are atleast 50% below the standard benchmark of Pollutants for clean Air. Lush Green Mallapuram is known cities for one among Clean Air in India
Pathanamthitta  Kerala South India As per WHO - is among Highest Ranked Number 1 city having lowest No2, Pm2.5, Pm10 levels. The Particulate are lowest in here. Here the Particulate concentration matches the recommended level for Air Quality and Living in Clean environment. So for any one suffering from serious Air borne Allergy can consider shifting in here
Tezpur Assam North East India Commendable efforts  to residents of Tezpur, where people are pro-active and there contribution in keeping city clean along with efforts of Government has led to reduce air pollution by 85%. Tree Plantation, Waste Management, water sprinkled 3 Times daily to curb dust has led this city as not only one among Cleanest, greenest city in India but also in World
Mangalore Karnataka South India Another City in Karnataka after Mysore and Hassan as Managlore which remains low on Pollution levels.
Madurai Tamil Nadu South India Madurai is another City in South India having relatively Cleaner Air than other Cities

Source: Several Online Sources for collating List of Cleanest Cities of India

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