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Safest Hatchback Cars in India. Small Cars with Best Build, Safety Features

Safest Hatchback Cars in India. Small Cars with Best Build, Safety Features

Safest Hatchback Cars with Highest Safety Rating and Features in India. Cars with ABS EBD, Airbags, Best Build Quality in Small Car Segment


Safest Hatchback Cars in India

With traffic increasing on roads - comes rash driving and casualties in road accidents

Youth are risking there lives by driving on High Speed in Night or at speed to tune of 150 Kmph on Expressway. At Such Insane speed on Indian roads - nothing can help you and even if in Lamborghini (leave aside cars like Audi, BMW, Benz) - it can prove fatal on such high speed collission

The Mantra on Indian Roads is 'Safe Drive - Stay Alive'. Even if you are an Experience or New Driver

» No matter at low speed or High - Ensure Seat Belt been Mandatory worn by Driver and Co-Passenger

» Its best to follow in Speed Limit and Ensure Safe Driving. Dont get Jitter up in Traffic

» Avoid Road Rage or Speed Competition - it may thrill you, but can end up been fatal

Know Recommended Hatchback Cars with Best Safety Features, Build, Safety Rating

Fiat Punto Evo photoHonda Jazz photo

Hatchback Models Price USP (International Safety Rating of 4 and more)
Honda Jazz SV onwards 6.96 Lakh (Petrol) / 8.31 Lakh (Diesel) Build, Safety Specs
Hyundai Elite I20 Asta Option 7.74 Lakh (Petrol) / 8.97 Lakh (Diesel) 6 Airbags, Build, Safety Specs, Safety Rating, 16 Inch Alloys with Wide Tyres
Fiat Punto Evo Emotion Diesel 7.47 Lakh (Diesel) Best Build, Wide Tyres, Safety Specs, Ratings
Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 6.1 Lakh (Petrol) / 7.84 Lakh (Diesel) Build, Safety Specs, International Safety Rating
Volkswagen Polo GT TSI 9.19 Lakh (Petrol) Advanced Safety, Build Quality, International Safety Rating

Best Hatchback Car with Highest Safety Rating: If your Care for your Family - you should look at one of above and if you seek to know Hatchback Car with Best Build and Safety Rating -

Look no other than VW Polo GT TSI (available with Advanced Safety Features of ABS, EBD, ESP, Hill Hold Drive Assist, Dual Airbags, Wider Tyres) with Top Notch Build in 7 Speed Automatic - representing the highest safety, best build quality, Power Performance and Convenience to Drive in the segment


Essential Safest Features in Cars

While the World or even some Top Models of Mid SUV Segment / Mid Executive Segment now available with advanced Safety Features - ESP, Traction Control, Hill Hold Drive Assist, Auto Dimming IRVM, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Attention Assist along with 6 to 8 Airbags - but for owning these - you may have to extend budget to 15 Lakh+ On Road Price Segment in India

To Make it Simple - if you care for Yourself or Family - Importantly follow the Mantra as given along with these basic Standard Safety Features

» ABS, EBD : ABS - Anti Lock Braking System is what an advancement over conventional braking system by preventing skids of vehicle, let the vehicle control remain intact Decreases Stopping Distance on Wet / Slippery Road Surface

» Atleast Dual Front Airbags : Post catastrophe safety feature and considered in difference in preventing passenger from fatality - in event of frontal crash. No Utility though in Side Crash or Rear Crash

» Defogger: Helps in Cleaning Rear Windshield Fog. Very Useful during Winters, on Hill Drive, Early Morning Drive to clear dew drops on Rear Windshield

» Collapsible Steering, Side Impact Door Beam: Earlier, used to be marked a feature Though are now turning to be Standard across 

ideally should be Standard in every car - but unfortunately over 90% of Hatchback Cars still Sold in Indian market do misses these features as Standard .


If looking for Sedan and SUV Cars - Refer this Article on:-

Cars with Best Safety Ratings in India



Hatchback Cars with Highest Safety Features in India

Based on Safety Features List

Volkswagen Polo GT photoHyundai Elite I20 photo

Model Price * Comments
Ford Figo Titanium Plus  6.33 Lakh (Petrol) / 7.5 Lakh (Diesel) With Car with 6 Airbags (Front, Side and Curtain Airbags) along with ABS with EBD, Speed Lock System makes Figo Diesel most advanced in Post Accidental Safet Features List.Though - to disclaim - Build Quality does not look as impressive as was in Previous Gen Figo and comes in small 14 Inch Wheels
Hyundai Elite I20 Asta Option 7.74 / 8.97 Lakh Hyundai Elite I20 has emerged as the safest Hatchback car in India. The Top Notch Build Quality, coupled with Dual Front, Side and Curtain Airbags along with Effective braking through ABS, Impact Sensing door unlock, Speed Sensitive Auto Door Lock, Defogger - all inspires confidence on drive with top notch safety Standards in India
VW Polo GT TSI Automatic 9.19 Lakh Though this hatch has Dual Front Airbags, but it also has ABS, EBD with Electronic Stability Control. Also comes loaded with Hill Hold Drive Function, Fog Lights in front & Rear, Parking Sensor with Rear View Camera. Also - its the most powerful Petrol & Diesel hatch in India to offer unmatched driving comfort


Cars with Poor Safety Ratings in India

You will be shocked to see Safety Rating of some of Cars without Airbag at mere 64 Kmph Speed

Model Safety Rating   Model Safety Rating
Renault Kwid Zero Rating   Datsun Go Zero Rating
Maruti Alto Zero Rating   Tata Nano Zero Rating
Maruti Swift w/o Airbag Zero Rating   Hyundai Eon, I10 & Grand i10 w/o Airbag Zero Rating
Maruti Celerio Zero Rating   Chevy Sail w/o Airbag Zero Rating

Irony is 5 out of above Models forms in Top 10 Cars Sold in India


Budget Cars with Safety Features

If you care less for Build Quality or is relative strict on Budget - then may consider these choices having atleast:-

» ABS with EBD, Dual Front Airbags

» Minimum 14 Inch Wheels for Stability on High Speed Drive

» Collapsible Steering and Side Impact Door Beam

Safest Petrol Hatch in Under 5.5 Lakh (Ex-showroom) Fuel Price *
Maruti Celerio Vxi Option Petrol Rs. 4.53 Lakh
Maruti Ignis Sigma Petrol Rs. 4.56 Lakh
Maruti Wagon R Lxi Option Petrol Rs. 4.61 Lakh
Tata Tiago XZ Petrol Rs. 4.92 Lakh
Maruti Swift Lxi Option  Petrol Rs. 4.99 Lakh
Maruti Baleno Sigma  Petrol Rs. 5.26 Lakh
Ford Figo Trend Petrol Rs. 5.42 Lakh
Toyota Etios Liva Gx Petrol Rs. 5.42 Lakh
VW Polo Trendline Petrol Rs. 5.42 Lakh
Nissan Micra Active Petrol Rs. 5.46 Lakh
Tata Bolt XMS Petrol Rs. 5.54 Lakh
Safest Diesel Hatch in under 6.5 Lakh (Ex-showroom)    
Tata Tiago XZ Diesel Diesel Rs. 5.64 Lakh
Maruti Swift Ldi Option Diesel Rs. 6.19 Lakh
Maruti Ignis Delta Diesel Diesel Rs. 6.28 Lakh
Maruti Baleno Sigma Diesel Rs. 6.44 Lakh
Ford Figo Trend Diesel Rs. 6.44 Lakh
Tata Bolt XMS 
Diesel Rs. 6.51 Lakh

* Price as in August 2017 - Exshowroom Delhi. All Car Models above have ABS with Dual Airbags as Basic Safety Feature

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - dheeraj tamta on Saturday, 04 November 2017 15:22

what about new maruti celerio ? is it safe car in india

what about new maruti celerio ? is it safe car in india
Friday, 24 November 2017

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