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Cars with Best Suspension Setup, Handling, Drive on Indian Roads

Cars with Best Suspension Setup, Handling, Drive on Indian Roads

Cars with Best Suspension Set up in India. Know Hatchback, Compact Sedan, Mid Sedan and SUV Cars with Top Notch Ride, Handling and Suspension

Cars with Best Suspension

Suspension is build up of several components like - Link Rods, Lower Arm, Bushes, Springs, Shockers (aka as Dampers) etc which aids in Ride and Handling Character of Vehicle.

However - the key critical elements which aids in ride quality and Springs and Shockers. You must have heard of terms - Soft Suspension and Hard Suspension. 

For Layman and easy understanding - By calling a Suspension - Soft or Stiff means height adjustment of Coil Springs for overall ride and handling. The compression rate of springs by which it will go up and down define ride quality. Taller Springs are generally referred as key to Soft Suspension, while shorter Springs are key to Stiff suspension

Soft Suspension - Calling Suspension to be Soft Suspension means that the car is tuned for better ride on slow speed. You drive well on City Roads, even Marginal bad roads on slow speed and overall ride turns to be soft. 

Although Smaller Bumps are absorbed easily on slow speed, but sharp bumps or bad roads can be felt in cabin in case of soft Suspension.

Some downside of Soft Suspension is this will cause relative higher body roll making car higher speed dynamics and compromise on cornering ability on speed. Also if the Car is Fully Loaded - despite higher ground clearance - this will come down and may find under-body scraping on bad roads, speed breaker 

Stiff Suspension - Calling Suspension to be Stiff means that the Car Performs better in over all ride and handling on bad roads with better grip on high speed. Been the Suspension is stiff the overall weight dynamics are better balanced out and cornering ability of the car is also better controlled.

Downside is Car with Stiff Suspension will let Bad roads, Potholes percolate in Cabin on slow Speed. If Suspension is on Stiff Side, you may find low Speed Ride and Handling not as plush as Cars with Soft Suspension.

Ride in a Car with Stiff Suspension wont be as Plush as otherwise a car with Soft Suspension has in City Roads. If you are in looking for off road, faster performance car, relative better cornering abilities – you may admire on Stiff Suspension.

While Springs supports the weight of the car and force require to compress, Shocker (aka as Dampers) help prevent the car from bouncing up and down so as to remain in contact with the road surface.

In case of Softer Springs, Dampers - Inertia movement let the tyres to loose contact with road surface in case of road bumps or tend to have higher body roll on taking steep turns and thus causing the vehicle to understeer. Its best for OEM to give suspension a fair amount of rigidness yet keeping them soft enough as combination to give best in ride quality and handling characterstic to the car.

So - Car Manufacturers uses Best R&D to determine an equilibrium in play to give fair amount of Rigidness for High Speed Drive yet keeping Suspension Soft enough to have good drive on City roads.


Cars with Best Suspension Setup for Indian Roads - 2018

Models Suspension Set up
Mid Hatchback  
Tata Tiago The Suspension is well tuned and designed for Indian roads, capable of taking Bad patch roads at ease. Drive-ability and Handling is Superior, Steering Dynamics are good. Though - Mild Vibrations are a sore in this car
Maruti Swift Relatively better than most of the other hatchback Cars in Segment. The Manufacturer has been tuning up suspension and the model in 2016 looks far more compliant. Especially go in for 15 Inch Wheels wherein due to wider tyres - the hatch performs relatively better on bad patch roads. Steering is decent enough. Ride Quality in Swift with Low Turning radius makes it better than the lot
Premium Hatchback  
Honda Jazz Honda Jazz undoubtedly having the best Suspension in Premium Hatchback Segment. Care for Best Urban ride - look no other than Honda Jazz 
VW Polo Diesel VW Polo Ride Quality and Handling is top notch in segment. You will fell in love with it
Fiat Punto Evo Have to drive on Bad Patch roads too often, look no other than Punto Evo. If seek a step ahead - choose Abarth Powered T Jet Petrol Engine to unleash the best for driving enthusiast
Compact Sedan  
Tata Zest The Car Performs exceptionally well in Drive, Handling and coupled with Good Ground Clearance
Maruti Swift Dzire Zxi Petrol Proven, Trusted Swift Dzire looks all set for decent handing, drive on Indian roads especially if seeking top end Zxi / Zdi trim which is available in 15 Inch Wheels with Wider R185 Tyres and Raised Ground Clearance
Mid Sedan  
Skoda Rapid Skoda Rapid & Vento twins are the best best in Mid Sedan for combination of - Drive, Handling, Steering Dynamics
VW Vento Skoda Rapid & Vento twins are the best best in Mid Sedan for combination of - Drive, Handling, Steering Dynamics
Fiat Avventura, Abarth Avventura You can Instantly fell in love with its Brilliant Ride, Handling Dynamics along with Raised Ground Clearance. It Offers one of the best driving Experience. If need the best with no compromise - Upgrade to Abarth Avventura for the best TJet Petrol Engine Performance
Maruti S Cross Ddis 320 Though Priced slight high - but the Power Band Delivery in S Cross Ddis 320 along with Firm Suspension and Wider Tyres makes it fun. A real fun crossover for enthusiasts
Honda WRV On Lines of Jazz - WRV Crossover can bring in smiles on your Face with its Suspension Set up and drive in 16 Inch Wheels
SUV Range  
Maruti Vitara Brezza Maruti Suzuki - despite launching Brezza quiet late - had the last laugh as the SUV seems giving shock to other SUV Makers with Package of Price, Features, Suspension, Mileage, Space. Brezza has been well tuned for Indian roads with Suspension feels better than other Compact SUV like Ecosport, TUV300 and with wider tyres can absorb in bad patch roads with fair ease.
Renault Duster / Nissan Terrano Renault Duster drives like a charm on both City and Off Roads has a fairly decent suspension setup. The ride quality especially in 85PS makes it an excellence with charm for most of drive conditions. Its the best SUV in segment w.r.t Suspension Dynamics aiding on best handling potential
Hyundai Creta With Suspension Well Tuned along with Wider Tyres in Sx Option in 17 Inch Wheels - Hyundai has improvised a lot in Creta - by improving Steering Dynamics, Handling. Though to disclaim its slight soft and best suited if drive-ability to be on city roads
Tata Safari Storme Tata Safari Storme has one among best Suspension set up. Tata truly has made for India Cars with its immaculate Off road potential. Care for Best - have all Wheel Drive 
Mid Utility  
Tata Hexa Tata Hexa can be your Best Ride if seeking Premium Fit, Finish with Ride Quality as best suspension
Isuzu V Cross Care for Best Off road companion - Isuzu V Cross is an excellent Off road vehicle. Its Suspension is huge Strength
Toyota Innova Crysta Toyota Innova Crysta also comes with Compliant Firm Ride Quality with Comfort for 2nd and 3rd row Passenger. It has one among best suspension for Cars as People Carrier


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Guest - Somnath Ghatak on Saturday, 13 January 2018 18:47

How about maruti ciaz and ertiga

How about maruti ciaz and ertiga
Guest - Ravish Kalra on Sunday, 29 October 2017 06:35

Well reading all of them got me even more confused all of em have a good suspension but which one of em is the best for long drives (nexon has good sets but ain't comfortable back started to hurt in 4kms test drive)

Well reading all of them got me even more confused all of em have a good suspension but which one of em is the best for long drives (nexon has good sets but ain't comfortable back started to hurt in 4kms test drive)
Monday, 19 February 2018

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