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Best CNG Kit Brands in India with Prices, Performance, Features

Best CNG Kit Brands in India with Prices, Performance, Features

Best CNG Kit Brands in India with Prices and Features of Imported Tomasetto Achille, Lovato CNG Kit, BRC, Landirenzo, Longas from Italy and Argentina

Best CNG Kit in India

CNG as an alternative fuel source is highly popular, 

» Most Economical Way to Run a Car. Running Costs are under Rs. 2 per Km (CNG Improves Mileage and is also cost effective as against Petrol or Diesel)

» Installation Cost of CNG Kit is Much Economical as against Buying Diesel Car 

» No Change in Noise & Vibration Levels Vis a Vis Petrol Cars 

» Environment Friendly and Emits Very Less Pollutants as against Running on Petrol or Diesel Fuel


CNG Kit Types

There are 3 Types CNG Kits available for Sale in India - Open Loop / Close Loop (known as Conventional Kits) and Sequential CNG Kits

If your Car Make is 2009 and Onwards - in most likely scenario - Sequential CNG Kits are considered superior and are Compatible. Pre 2009 Cars - basis Cat Model & Engine Type has both Conventional and Sequential Kits recommended

Sequential CNG Kits are by far superior :- 

» Better Pickup in Sequential Kits as CNG injector are separate and Petrol Injectors are Separate

» Almost No Performance Tuning is Required with Sequential Kits as ECM Controls Supply and Injectors do not Conflict with Petrol Injectors

» Delivers Better Fuel Mileage with Easy Maintenance as Scanning Done through Computer for Future Troubleshoot & Performance Optimization

» A Right Sequential CNG Kit does not lead much to the Wear & Tear of Engine

Know: Cars with Company Fitted CNG Kits

Note: CNG Fitment leads to Performance Loss. Even if its Top Notched CNG Kit with Perfect Installation - expect Power Loss of atleast 15% - even same is what been mentioned in Factory Fitted CNG Kits offered by Maruti Suzuki Cars.


CNG Kit Brands & Prices

Best Recommended ones are however Renowned Imported Brands:- 

Best Sequential CNG Kit Brands: Tomasetto Achille, Lovato CNG Kit, BRC Kit, Landirenzo Kit, Longas CNG Kit, Greco CNG Kit All brands are reputed one

Sequential Kits: Though its best to go for Fitment of Original OBD-2 Compliant CNG Kit which costs around Rs 55000 but in market Sequential CNG Kit costs in Range of Rs. 33,000 to 37,000 including Installation. Modern Age Engines are well compatible with Sequential CNG Kit

Conventional Kits (Closed Loop):- Conventional Kits are generally Economical and Closed Loop Kit costs in range of Rs. 22000 - 25,000 including Installation. Recommended in Older Cars

Open Loop Kits:- Not Recommended for Fitment as pretty Outdated Technology

Additional Charges: Rest - Rs. 2000 - 3000- Registration Charges including RC Endorsement including Agent Commission for CNG Endorsement in RC. Add on Insurance Endorsement Premium of Rs 1200 - 1500.

Know :- CNG Endorsement Process

CNG Car Owners - now are required to get Compliance Certificate - every 3 yrs that there Kit are Complied with all norms without any leakage.


CNG Kit Maintenance

There's no specific maintenance, except:-

» Air Filter (Cleaning) is recommended every 5000 Kms and replacement ideal at 10,000 Kms.

» Spark Plug Replacement also is ideal if replaced not later than 20,000 Kms.

» Also there are CNG Cartridges : Recommended Change is 20,000 Kms for Reducer Cartridge & 40,000 Kms for Low Pressure Cartridge

Both Spark Plus & Air Filter Optimize Performance in CNG Kit. 

For More Details on Service & Maintenance, refer article :- CNG Car Maintenance


CNG Kit Cylinder & Warranty

CNG Cylinder Size is generally 10Kg to 12Kg and can expect a running of upto maximum 80% to 85% of capacity. thus maximum running once can expect in CNG is around 200 Kms (with full cylinder) - before going for refilling Gas

Installation of CNG Kit during warranty leads to New Car Warranty getting Void


Where to Install CNG Kits

Go only to Government Authorized CNG Stations and get Sequential Italian CNG Kit Installed. The Sequential Injection kits needs expertise fitment and go only with Authorized

There are Duplicates available at un-authorized Center. Do not fall in Trap of Sub Standard Duplicate Quality - causing more harm to your car

Also, ensure to get the endorsement done in Insurance and RC post Installation of CNG Kit Fitment. Do note that - Fitment of CNG Kit can lead to warranty been void from Manufacturer.


Tips Before Installation of CNG Kits

Shared by a Owner

1. Go with a Government Authorized Professional and Experienced Installer. Also go with a Reputed CNG brand for Peace of Mind Ownership. Spending Couple of thousands more with an Experienced CNG Fitment Center is well spend on car worth Lakhs

2. Make sure tank is correctly installed and the hole made for gas pipe is professionally done

3. Do not let them tear your carpet and spare wheel cover. Ensure professional Installation in front of you

4. Don't let installer mess with throttle body. They are known to spoil the throttle body sensor. Ensure that Fitter is not a novice

5. Tank needs to be certified every 3 years, check for Service every 6 months

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