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Myths with Automatic Cars: Poor Mileage, Unreliable, High Maintenance

Myths with Automatic Cars: Poor Mileage, Unreliable, High Maintenance

Are you Hearing from Friends and relatives that Automatic Car have High Maintenance Cost or Poor Reliability, Low Mileage in India. Myth Vs Fact Burster


Automatic Cars - Reliability, Mileage, Maintenance

With Traffic Situation levels getting worsened in India - Automatic Cars are on radar of Buyers for sake of Convenience to drive

However - while we interacted with couple of prospective buyers, 3 things came out from research which Buyers are apprehensive of in Automatic Cars

1. Poor running cost of Automatic Cars was a concern

2. Buyers are unsure on long term Reliability of Automatic Cars

3. Also Buyers are apprehensive of After sales Maintenance cost of Automatic

Here, we address in all 3 issues as mentioned about Automatic and whether the said issue are infact a Myth or Fact

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Automatic Cars have Poor Mileage

While the Car Engine Optimization at Manufacturer End, Speed, Traffic conditions, Tyre Pressure, In Cabin Sitting load - all plays a critical role in Mileage

But - Gear Shifts too plays an important role in Mileage

Yes - Automatic Cars were considered relative poor in Mileage in past, but technology has changed a lot in last 15 Years. Modern Automatic Cars comes in :- CVT Automatic or from 5 Speed to 9 Speed Automatic and also has torque converter lockup, as against conventional 4 Speed Automatic Cars without toque converter lockup

This has not only improved drive-ability of Automatic car but even the mileage in CVT Automatic is now better than Manual Transmission. Even in 5 Speed or 6 Speed Automatic - the difference in mileage in between there corresponding Manual Version is no more than 5 to 7% in real life usage

So - its a complete Myth to consider that Automatic Cars have Poor Mileage


Automatic Cars are not Reliable

A Car is an outcome of Finest Engineering Precision. It has more than 99.99% Precision rate for accuracy and testing. The Quality Control, Robotics, Testing Standards and Technological Advancement is on its peaks

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Today, the Auto Makers are Global Manufacturers and Transmission system, Engine components are tested and developed after thorough Finest R&D - not for one country but for sale and manufacturing on Global Platform

Almost more than 95% of cars sold in America are Automatic and more than 80% cars sold in Europe are Automatic Cars. The Technology of Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Suzuki, Ford is at Global level and sold not only in India but across Globe

Its an absolute myth to have pre conceived notion that Automatic cars are not reliable. Its just that Automatic Cars are rather more advanced in Transmission and with Innovations - now we have - CVT Automatic, DSG, 8 Speed and 9 Speed Automatic Cars with innovations happening on regular basis


Automatic Cars have Higher Maintenance Cost

Absolute wrong Perception, the only difference in Scheduled Maintenance cost of Manual and Automatic Car is the Replacement of Transmission Fluid and its Interval

As long as you servicing car based on Time or Kms from Company Authorized workshop and replacing Transmission Fluid on time - then there is absolute no difference in scheduled maintenance cost of Automatic Car and Manual Transmission Car

However - the Transmission Fluid is what the utmost consideration. If it goes low or not changed on time - then it can potentially lead to failure of Transmission system. so best to maintain timely service schedule. Also - yes - Wear and Tear Items are priced higher. For Instance - CV Axle (joints, boot) connects to transmission system and cost almost 2 to 3 that of Manual Transmission Car.

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Monday, 21 August 2017