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Tata Zest Service Schedule, Spares Parts, Maintenance Costs in India

Tata Zest Service Schedule, Spares Parts, Maintenance Costs in India

Tata Zest Revotron Petrol and Diesel Engine Service Schedule with Ownership Maintenance Costs in India. Review Spare Part Prices of Tata Zest

Tata Zest Service Schedule

Tata Bolt and Zest are Futuristic design Cars which is helping Tata Motors Image from a Diesel Oriented Maker to Powerful Revotron Engine and even Performance Diesel Engine. With Class Leading In Cabin Seating Space, Neat Fit and Finish along with Multi Mode Driving makes Bolt and Zest a breeze on Indian road conditions

As traditionally - Tata Motors Service reputation was not the best - But with Bolt, Zest - they are making a Turn around with Resources spend on Customer Training, Skill Set and Improved Response time from Workshops

Here are the Service and Maintenance Costs of Tata Bolt and Zest - Siblings

Tata Zest photoTata Bolt photo


Tata Zest Service Schedule 

» 1st Service - 3 Months or 4500 / 5500 Kms (Labor Free Service)

» 2nd Service - 12 Months or 15000 Kms (Labor Free Service)

» 3rd Service - 24 Months or 30000 Kms (Labor Free Service)

» Subsequent Services - Every 12 Months or 15,000 Kms (Paid Service)

Periodic Service Tata Zest Diesel Tata Zest Revotron Petrol
Engine Oil & Oil Filter 15,000 Kms or 12 Month 15,000 Kms or 12 Month
Air Filter 45,000 Kms for Replacement 45,000 Kms for Replacement
Fuel Filter 15,000 Kms in Diesel 30,000 Kms in Revotron Petrol
Brake / Clutch Fluid 45,000 Kms or 24 Month 45,000 Kms or 24 Month
Coolant 60,000 Kms or 24 Month 60,000 Kms or 24 Month
Axle Transmission Oil 75,000 Kms 15,000 Kms
Timing Belts 60,000 Kms in Diesel 1 Lakh kms in Petrol
Drive Belt NA 60,000 Kms in Petrol
Spark Plug  NA 30,000 Kms
Alignment, Balancing & Rotation Every 15,000 Kms  Every 15,000 Kms
Fluid Capacity    
Engine Oil - 5w30 (Castrol Magnatec Professional for Petrol / Petronas Syntium  5000 TM for Quadra Diesel) 3.2 Litre  4 Litre
Coolant 7.5 Litre 6 Litre
Axle Transmission Oil 2.2 Litre (Rs 625 per Litre with VAT) 1.8 Litre (Rs 625 per Litre with VAT)
Brake Fluid (Dot 4) - Basis Top up 500 ml (Rs 350) 500 Ml (Rs 350)

Wear and Tear Items basis usage. Anti Rust Coating - if Performed would be Rs 3000

Here are some Costings

  Zest Diesel Zest RT Petrol
Engine Oil Change + Oil Filter Change Rs 1800 Rs 1700
Fuel Filter with Water Level Sensor (Zest Diesel) / Fuel Filter (Zest Petrol) Rs 1900 Rs 550
Air Filter Rs 300 Rs 300
Brake Fluid Rs 350 Rs 350
Coolant with Distiller Water Rs 1000 Rs 800
Brake Cleaning Rs 550 Rs 550
Basic Car Lubrication Rs 450 Rs 450
AC Disinfectant, AC Clean Rs 900 Rs 900


Tata Zest Maintenance Cost

Below are Tata Bolt & Zest Service costs :-

  Tata Zest Diesel Tata Zest Revotron Petrol
1st Service / 5000 Kms / 3 month NIL NIL
2nd Service / 15000 Kms / 1 year Rs. 4800 Rs.3500
3rd Service / 30000 Km / 2 year Rs. 6200 Rs.5500
4th Service / 45000 Kms / 3 year Rs. 6700 Rs.5200
5th Service / 60000 Kms / 4 year Rs. 8500 Rs.7700
6th Service / 75000 Kms / 5 year Rs. 6200 Rs.4700
7th Service / 90000 Kms / 6 year Rs. 8000 Rs.7000
8th Service / 105000 Kms / 7 year Rs. 6200 Rs.5500

Service Cost: Include Alignment & Balancing every 15000 Kms and scheduled servicing cost. At end of 7 Years / 1.05 Lakj Kms - expect 45 paise/km for Diesel and 40 paise / per Km for Petrol Car Maintenance as per Periodic Maintenance Schedule - which makes it very reasonable in the segment Inflationary Factor is not taken into consideration

Note: Wear & Tear Items (Brake Pads, Clutch Plates, Battery, Tyres, Wiper Blades etc are additional) and not taken into consideration above. Inflation Factor is not taken into consideration. Its observed that Service Costs with most of the car manufacturers doubles in 7 to 8 years (due to increase spare parts, oil & labor charges).

Tata Zest Gear Shift Speeds (for Best Fuel Economy)

Following below Speeds can deliver best fuel efficiency in Tata Zest

Gear Shift / Speeds Tata Zest Diesel Tata Zest Petrol
Start on 1st - Shift to 2nd Gear @ 15 Km 15 Km
Shift to 3rd Gear @ 25 Km 25 Km
Shift to 4th Gear @ 35 Km 40 Km
Shift to 5th Gear @ 50 Km 55 Km
Ideal Speed under 5th Gear 70 Km 70 Km

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features



Important for New Car Owners (Initial Running Speed)

If you are New Tata Bolt, Zest Owner - its important to read on this recommendation on Running in Period (Uptill 1800 Kms) - for Speed Limit Restriction - in order to prevent any damage to Engine and let Optimize for a long lasting Engine Performance

Refer More Details

» New Car Care Tips

» Car Mileage Improvement 

Gear Shift Tata Zest Diesel Tata Zest Petrol
1st Gear 20 Km 20 Km
2nd Gear 30 Km 40 Km
3rd Gear 50 Km 60 Km
4th Gear 70 Km 80 Km
5th Gear 80 Km 100 Km
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