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Renault Duster Spare, Service Schedule and Maintenance Cost in India

Renault Duster Spare, Service Schedule and Maintenance Cost in India

Renault Duster Periodic Maintenance Schedule with Free Services. Also, includes Maintenance Ownership Cost with Labor Charges, Spare Part Cost


Renault Duster Maintenance

Renault Duster has redefined the Mid SUV Concept in India. Launched way back in 2012 - this SUV has helped Renault to establish strong base and growth in Indian Automobile Market

Service Schedule

» 1st Service (@ 2000 Kms) - Free (General Inspection Only)

» 2nd Service (10,000 Kms or 12 months) - Labor Free (Oil & Filter Change)

» Paid and every subsequent service @ 10,000 Kms or 12 months whichever is earlier

Note: First Two Services are Labor free, Rest are Paid Service

Renult Duster Service Interval

Item Type Change Interval
Engine Oil 10,000 Kms or 12 Mo
Oil Filter 10,000 Kms or 12 Mo
Air Filter 10,000 Kms or 12 month. Then every 30,000 Kms or 36 month
Cabin AC Pollen Filter (if added) 10,000 Kms or 12 Mo
Diesel Fuel Filter 20,000 Kms or 24 Mo
Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid 40,000 Kms or 48 Mo
Wheel Alignment, Balancing, Rotation 10,000 Kms or 12 Mo
Coolant Basis Fluid Requirement or recommended at 60000 Kms
Gear Oil Inspection for Low Levels to top up

Also Every Service will have Inspection of Front Brake Pad & Brake Disc, Rear Brake Drum, Exhaust, Fuel Line, AC Drive Belt, Lubrication etc 


Renault Duster Oil, Filter, Labor & Spare Part Costs

Details Cost (Rs.) Replacement Type
Engine Oil  - 4.5 Lit (15W/40 Mineral Oil) & Oil Filter with Taxes 1900 (1350 - Oil & 550 for Filter with Taxes) Every 10000 Kms or 12 month. Mineral Oil is recommended
Washer Cap Seal 50 With Oil replacement
Engine Lacring with Coating (Optional) 550 Optional
Diesel Fuel Filter Cartridge 1600 - 3500 Every 20000 Kms. (Rs 1600 for Cars Manufactured till 2014, Rs 2000 for 4x2 Car Manufactured 2015 Onwards, Rs 3500 for 4x4 AWD Cars)
Air Filter 850 First at 10000 Kms then every 30000Kms
Cabin AC Pollen Filter with Tax and Labor 500 Ideal at every 10000 Kms
AC Servicing 3000 Optional basis AC Performance
AC Disinfectant (Optional) 600 For Cleaning up AC from Bacteria formation
Wheel Balancing, Alignment, Rotation - Weight Additional 900 Every 10000 Kms
Front Brake Pad Replacement with Labor and Taxes 3500 Wear & Tear Item
Gear Transmission Oil - basis top up - per 500 ml 350 Top up 
Engine Coolant Replacement - 5.5 Litre 1380 (Coolant) + Rs 250 Labor = Rs 1630 Coolant cost Rs 250/Litre with Taxes
Exhaust Finish 750  
ABS Sensor 4300 ABS Sensor
Front Brake Disc Pair 6500 Wear & Tear Item
Alternator Belt 1210 Wear & Tear Item
Front Brake Disc Pair 6500 Wear & Tear Item
Mud Flap Set of 4 1050  
Cabin Mats Replacement 1700  
Brake Fluid - per Litre - top up 320 Top up 
All 4 Brake Cleaning with Caliper Greasing Charges 1000 For Effective Braking
Clutch Pedal Assemblly 1850 For New Soft Clutch
Clutch Plate + Pressure Plate + Release Bearing + Labor Charges 15000 For Clutch Issue - estimated cost
Front Windshield Replacement with Beeding, Labor 10000 - 12000 Accidental Repair or on Crack developed
Radiator Hose 500  
Timing Belt Replacement 7000 Wear & Tear
EGR Valve Cleaning 3000 For EGR Valve Performance
Rear Brake Shoe Cleaning 360 Labor Charges
Interior Foam Cleaning with Labor 2000 Interior Cleaning
Front Bumper with Paint Charges and Labor Cost 17000 Accidental Repair
Rear Bumper with Paint Charges and Labor Cost 15000 Accidental Repair
Headlight Assembly Replacement including Labor 10000 Accidental Repair
Front Grille Replacement including Labor 15000 Accidental Repair
Renault Duster Steering Tie Rod Ball Joint Replacement - Pair (Part number 8201108332 & 8201108339) with Labor Charges 5500 Wear & Tear - Suspension
Brake Bleed and Clutch Bleed 1500 Accidental Repair
Side Door Replacement with Paint and Labor 25000 Accidental Repair




Renault Duster Periodic Service Costs

In terms of Periodic Service Costs, expect

» 1st Year (10K Kms) - Rs. 2600 - 2700

» Paid Service (@20K, 60K) - Rs. 6500 - 7000 

» Paid Service (@ 30K, 50K, 70K) - Rs. 5500 - 6000

» Paid Service (@40K, 80K) - Rs. 8000 - 9000

Note:  Above are Indicative Estimated Costs including Consumables, Labor and other necessary items in Periodic Maintenance and Does not include Wear & Tear Items, Repair, Parts or other items apart from regular servicing

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