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Maruti Vitara Brezza Service Schedule and Maintenance Costs in India

Maruti Vitara Brezza Service Schedule and Maintenance Costs in India

Maruti Vitara Brezza Service Schedule and Maintenance Costs in India Demystified. Know how much will it cost to Maintain Maruti Brezza SUV in India


Maruti Vitara Brezza Service

Maruti Suzuki is all set for Marking its Prominence in Fast Growing SUV Segment in India in form of Vitara Brezza

Good Drive-ability, Stylish, Spacious Cabin, Descent Headroom along with Extended Width, Good Fit and Finish and Comfy Seats makes it a delight for Indian Car Buyer looking for SUV with Good Mileage, Reliability and Maintenance Cost

Below are Labor Free Service Schedule of Maruti Vitara Brezza

» 1000 Kms or 1 Month - General Check up & Wash

» 5000 Kms or 6 Month - General Check up & Wash

» 10,000 Kms or 12 Month - Engine Oil Change, General Checkup & Wash

Its to be noted that only Labor charges will be free, rest any Consumables, Oil and Filter change would be charge-able

Paid Service : Followed at further every 10000 Kms or 12 months


Maruti Vitara Brezza Maintenance Schedule

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza photo

Service Maruti Vitara Brezza Diesel
Engine Oil 10K Km / 12 month
Oil Filter 10K Km / 12 month
AC Filter Element 30K Km / 36 month
Air Filter Replacement at 40K Kms. Though Periodic Cleaning is recommended based on Drive conditions
Coolant 20K Km / 24 month
Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid 20K Km / 24 month
Manual Transmission Oil 1.6 Lakh Kms / 10 Year
Diesel Fuel Filter 20K Km / 24 month
EGR Valve Cleaning (aka Exhaust Gas ReCirculation Valve) Every 30K Kms / 36 Month
Wheel Alignment, Balancing Every 10K Kms or earlier based on requirement. Also Tyre Rotation advised every 10K Kms

Common Wear & Tear Items

Common Wear & Tear Items (not covered in Warranty) Indicative Usage**
Brake Pads 30K to 35K Kms
Clutch Plate Assembly 40K to 50K Kms
Tyres 60K Kms or 6 years whichever Earlier
Battery 40K Kms
Wiper Blade Once in around 3 Years or earlier based on condition

** - Indicative Usage on Indian roads. Life of wear & tear items may increase or decrease substantially based on driving

Additional: Lubrication or Replacement of Wear & Tear Items or Repairs as may be necessary


Maruti Vitara Brezza Service Cost (Breakup)

Servicing Items / Repairs Vitara Brezza Diesel ^
Engine Oil 3.2 Litre (SAE 5W/30 Engine Oil is the best recommended Grade for Maruti Vitara Brezza) Rs. 1600
Oil Filter Rs. 350
Cabin AC Filter Rs. 350
Air Filter Rs. 345
Coolant Replacement 6.5 Litre (50:50 - Coolant to Distilled Water) Rs. 900
Brake Fluid - Top up / 500 ml - DOT3 Brake Fluid Rs. 300
Gear Transmission Oil - 2.6 Litre (75W/80) Rs. 1000
Diesel Fuel Filter Rs. 1660
Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing, Tyre Rotation Rs. 900
EGR Valve Cleaning & Intercooler Cleaning Rs. 3000
Throttle Body Cleaning (Labor) Rs. 250
Front Brake Pad  Rs. 2000
Clutch Plate Assembly including pressure Plate, Bearing, Flywheel with Labor (approx) Rs. 12000
Battery Rs. 6500
Headlight Upgrade with Xtreme Vision Bulb Rs. 1350
Auto Dimming Cabin Rear View Mirror - Accessory Rs. 6500
Paid Labor Charges for Brezza Servicing Rs. 1500 - 2400 (based on paid service Interval)
Front Fog Light Rs. 4500
Anti Rust Coating with 5 yrs Warranty Rs. 3000
Bumper Replacement Cost with Paint & Labor Rs. 9000
Tyre (R215/60) - Michelin Primacy / Bridgestone Turanza (Set of 4 Tyres) Rs. 35000 - 38000

^ - Estimated Periodic Maintenance Cost.

Average Service Bill of Maruti Vitara Brezza

Vitara Brezza SUV Service Cost
1st & 2nd Service NIL
10000 Kms / 1 Year (3rd Service) Rs. 3500
20000 Kms / 2 Year (4th Service) Rs. 6500
30000 Kms / 3 Year Rs. 7500
40000 Kms / 4 Year Rs. 7500
50000 Kms / 5 Year Rs. 4500
60000 Kms / 6 Year Rs. 9500

Include: All Scheduled Servicing, Labor, Consumables, Aignment & Balancing. Additional:- Wear & Tear Items replacement cost as applicable

Estimated Service Cost: Rs 38000 for 60000 Kms - can take 65 Paise to 70 Paise per Km as estimated Maintenance cost

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