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Car Registration Charges in India. RTO Tax, Fees on New Car Purchase

Posted by on in RTO Registration
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Comparison of Passenger Car Registration Across Multiple States in India. Know Taxes, Fees with Cheapest and Maximum RTO Charges before buying New Car in India


Car Registration Slabs

RTO Charges are based on the Ex-showroom Price in India. The discounts, as received by the customer are not taken into account, but a flat fees basis the applicable slab is applied on to the Ex-showroom Price to calculate Registration Cost on New Car

Below are the RTO Charges presented in tabular format across various States, Cities in India


New Car Registration Slabs

City / State Registration Tax / Fees
Delhi Price Upto Rs. 6 Lac - Petrol Cars - 4%, Diesel Cars - 5%
  Price between 6 Lac - 10 Lac - Petrol Cars - 7%, Diesel Cars - 8.75%
  Price > Rs. 10 Lac as Exshowroom Cost - Petrol Cars - 10%, Diesel Cars - 12.5%
  + MCD Parking Charges of Rs. 2000 for cars priced under 4 Lakh and Rs. 4000 for rest of the vehicles. Visit My car helpline for best deals
U.P (Uttar Pradesh) 8% of ex-showroom price. No separate classification of hatchback, sedan, petrol, diesel
Ghaziabad, Noida, Kanpur, Meerut, Agra etc Additional Temporary Charges of Rs. 1500
Haryana Price Upto Rs. 6 Lac - 3%
Faridabad, Gurgaon etc Price between Rs. 6 Lac - 10 Lac - 6%
  Price between Rs. 10 Lac - 20 Lac - 8%
  Price Above 20 Lac - 9%
  Additional Temporary Charges + Road Tax (Rs. 2000 for all cars below Price of 4 Lakh, 1% of car price, if priced between 4 Lakh - 10 Lakh. 1.5% of Ex-showroom for all cars priced above 10 Lakh)
Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai etc Price < 10 Lakh - CNG @ 5%, Petrol @ 9%, Diesel @ 11%
  Price between 10 Lakh - 20 Lakh - CNG @ 6%, Petrol @ 10%, Diesel @ 12%
  Price Above 20 Lakh - Petrol @ 11%, Diesel @ 13%
  Additional Octroi @ 4.5% for cars registered in Mumbai. If car bought in Company Name or bought by any Ltd or Pvt Ltd company, RTO Slabs would be double the slabs above
Andhra Pradesh Price < 10 Lakh - 12%
Hyderabad, Vijayawada ect Price > 10 Lakh - 14%
  Additional : 2% RTO Tax, if buying 2nd Vehicle in same name and getting it Registered in A.P
Kerala Price < 6 Lakh - 6%
  Price between 6 - 10 Lakh - 8%
  Price > 10 Lakh, but Less than 15 Lakh - 10%
  Price > 15 Lakh - 15%
Karnataka Price < 5 Lakh - 15%
Bangalore, Mysore Price between 5 - 10 Lakh - 16%
  Price between 10 - 20 Lakh - 19%
  Price > 20 Lakh - 20%
Chandigarh All Cars Priced uptil 20 Lakh - 6%
  Above 20 Lakh - 8%
Punjab Flat 6% of Ex-showroom price of car, irrespective of Value or Fuel Type
Gujarat For CBU Cars - 6%. However, in cars getting registered in company name 12%
Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara etc For CKD Cars - 12% (Imported Cars). In cars getting registered in company name 24%
Rajasthan Price upto 6 Lakh - 5%
Jaipur, Bikaner etc 6 Lakh to 10 Lakh - 8%
  Above 10 Lakh - 10%
Uttarakhand Price Upto 10 Lakh - 4%
Dehradun, Rishikesh Above 10 Lakh - 5%


Other Cities / States - missed in above list

>  Goa

- 8% for cars priced upto Rs. 6 Lakh. 9% for price in between 6 Lakh - 10 Lakh. 10% for price >= 10 Lakh

Additional:- Infrastructure Cess applicable on High End Cars Priced above 10 Lakh. Rs. 12,000 < 20 Lakh. 40,000 < 40 Lakh. 75,000 < 60 Lakh. 1,00,000 > 60 Lakh

> MP (Madhya Pradesh)

Indore and Other Cities - 7% of the Price of the Vehicle


 Disclaimer Though have tried to put in correct figures, still the figures are subject to change and could not be 100% Authenticate due to manual error

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features



Section 47 of Motor Vehicle Act

There have been instances in the past (even though few) including high end luxury cars like Porsche been impounded as resident of the state have taken registration mark of another state. This is due to the fact of Section 47 of Motor Vehicle Act, due to which vehicle owner had to apply for registration of his home state by again paying for RTO Charges.

Section 47 States : When a motor vehicle registered in one State has been kept in another State, for a period > 12 months, the owner of the vehicle need to apply in respective local RTO in State for the assignment of a new registration mark of that state

However its exception in some states, For example: Section 3 of Karnataka Motor Vehicle Act says that if you owe a vehicle in state for 6 months or more, the vehicle owner need to pay applicable Road Tax, and required to get the vehicle re-registered with Karnataka number. So - its advisable to check on, with local state laws - if you planning to move your car to a different state.


Documents for Car Registration

Basic and Most Important Document is Address Proof.  Some States ask for 1 copy of address and some even ask for 2 copies of Address Proof

However - Address Proof means a Valid Address Proof as per RTO Office definition - a residence proof document as issued by Centre / State or Utility Bills. 

Some of them are :- Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Election Card, Aadhaar UID Card, 6 Month Old Nationalized Bank Account Statement having Address, Passport, Telephone Bill Copy of BSNL or MTNL. LIC Policy Copy etc

Along with it is required Valid ID Proof - which could be one of above having Photograph or Driving License, PAN Card copy etc.


If you have updated info about RTO Slabs of some cities / states - do not miss to write back in comments


Note - Any Queries or advise related to RTO - pls do not post it in comments, rather ask in our Car Forum . One of our Administrators will help you in giving revert

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Gagan is CEO of Modi Online Ventures. Completed his Management from one of Top B-Schools, he has worked with Maruti Suzuki, ICICI Bank for close to 7 yrs and later on ventured into business post April 2011.


  • Guest
    Ajay Tuesday, 15 April 2014

    I want to pay rto for car personal use minimum period...so that after 1 year i will change my car rto in commercial use.
    But write now i have to buy in personal use.

    Any sugestion

  • Guest
    Mandy Friday, 11 April 2014

    hey began ....I have bought Skoda superb last week from Mumbai....I live in jalandhar.... I didn't want to change the no. and rto as I have to pay tax...somewhat 2 lacs...what's the fun of this.... please advice me -- should I register or continue my car with that no....is there any problem if I continue with same registered no. of Maharashtra... reply me soon

  • Guest
    kiran Friday, 28 March 2014

    i want to procure october 2011 / Verna / private / Hariyana( Gurgaon) passing car at mumbai panvel.
    Retail invoice value is 9,45,000 Rs.

    What charges i need to pay like tax etc.

  • Guest
    khan Wednesday, 26 March 2014

    i purchased TATA Indigoecs model 2011 form Utra khand and want to register at my name at Patiala Punjab. Can u tell me how much fee and taxes are applicable and what is the procedure

  • Guest
    Bopanna Tuesday, 25 March 2014

    I am the second owner of a car. When i moved from Pune to Bangalore, i got NOC from Pune RTO and got it transferred to Karnataka. I paid the tax in Karnataka. When i approach the RTO Pune for refund through an agent, they are saying that the refund will be given in the name of the 1st owner only.
    The car is registered in my name, i have taken the NOC and i have paid the tax in Karnataka. How do i get the refund in my name? Kindly advice.

  • Guest
    Abhinay Sunday, 23 March 2014

    Hi Gagan

    I bought my car in 2009 at Kolkata. The road tax paid for was for a period of 5 years and it expired last week.

    I have now got transferred to Hyderabad. I intend to drive down from Kolkata to Hyderabad in my car.

    Since the road tax has expired already, do I have to do the renewal in Kolkata fisrt, and then pay the tax again in Hyderabad ? Or is it possible for me to pay the tax directly in Hyderabad.

    Can you please advise ?


  • Guest
    kartikay sharma Thursday, 20 March 2014

    My uncle has a wagon R registered in Rajasthan 2003 model , i live in ghaziabad and want to transfer the car in my name asim buying it from him. can u tellme approximately how much willit cost me?? and what all documents are required

  • Guest
    rudra Thursday, 20 March 2014

    Sir, I am planning to buy a car in Gujarat, and register it in Maharashtra. Is it advisable, and what will be the documenst required

  • Guest
    Arup Thursday, 20 March 2014

    Hello ,,
    I have a query regarding transfer of n
    Registration of Vehicle brought From Other State To Maharashtra(R.M.A.)...... i have a car in Jharkhand which costs around 7 lac ,but i want to bring it to pune.... can u just tell me the the tax fee for vehicle transfer to pune.


  • Gagan Modi
    Gagan Modi Wednesday, 12 March 2014

    @ arpo - Its generally done on depreciated value as assessed by RTO Officer (general slab is 6% to 8%). Road Tax is 9% for Petrol, 11% for Diesel
    @ meg - as long as you have address proof of Haryana, there are no legal implication, you can very well drive and owe the car in NCR

  • Guest
    meg Friday, 14 March 2014

    Actually we don't hv a permanent address. Dealer is getting it done. :( permanent address is that of Delhi only.

  • Guest
    sanjiv Friday, 07 March 2014

    Dear Gagan, hi, Inspite of HC ruling dealers are still asking for Parking charges ( apprx 4k) and Handling charges( apprx 6.5k) on new car purchase.is there a way out on this. some circular, guidelines to counter this, thanks, wrgds,sanjiv

  • Gagan Modi
    Gagan Modi Wednesday, 12 March 2014

    Supreme Court came up heavily 2 yrs back - when one of the buyer file a PIL stating that 'Dealer Logistics Charges' as unethical
    The basic crux of Petition was - Dealer can not charge anything over and above car price, registration

    The Verdict as (Source:- http://indiankanoon.org/doc/81636548/)
    " The respondents No.1&2 Transport Department / GNCTD while empowering the vehicle dealers to also register the vehicles are to only ensure that no service charges, commission etc. 'for such registration' are W.P.(C) No.8408/2011 Page 4 of 6 charged"

    " The dealers deny the extras to be on account of providing the services of registration and claim the same to be on other accounts. The respondents No.1&2 as aforesaid have no authority to intervene in the charge by the dealers even if illegal of the said extras so long as they are not on account of commission or for providing service of registration. The said question thus becomes a question of fact to be adjudicated on a case to case basis and no general direction with respect thereto can be issued in this public interest litigation."

    "We accordingly dispose of this writ petition with the direction that in the event of the respondents No.1&2 Transport Department / GNCTD receiving any complaint of any vehicle dealer charging anything extra / commission from the vehicle purchaser for providing the services of registration, the respondents No.1&2 shall enquire into the said complaint and if find any merit therein, shall take action in accordance with law against such vehicle dealers."

    Dealers have changed the name and instead of 'Logistics' are now charging 'Parking fees', 'Vehicle Handling Charges', 'Stock Yard, Warehousing, Driver Charges for bring car to showroom' and etc.

    There was a piblic notification - which came from Transport Department in Delhi (in December '11 - before the Supreme Court Verdict), copy enclosed herewith

    However the notification states as - 'Not authorized by Manufacturer'

    Dealers have now changed the name of Dubious 'Logistics charges' and termed it as 'fuel expenses, driver and parking expense, & other service related charges" in the Proforma Price List.

    Also - If you visit a dealer now - he may claim that the charges constitutes as part of on road cost and welcome buyer to may even speak to manufacturer - as these are one which even a manufacturer will not deny or call it unauthorized !!!

  • Guest
    meg Tuesday, 04 March 2014

    Hi, we are planning to buy Honda amaze and are thinking of getting it registered from faridabad as reg tax in Delhi is high. Are there any legal implications of doing so?? What are the challenges that can be faced after doing so.

  • Guest
    arpro Sunday, 02 March 2014

    Hi, I had bought a car for about 7.79L (ex-showroom) in June 2011 & got it registered in Punjab. Now I want to shift to Thane (Mumbai) & want to register the car over there. Can you please confirm on the approx fees involved in this transfer?

  • Guest
    Kishore Kumar Friday, 28 February 2014

    Hi All,

    I am going to purchase a Santro (2011 model) from my borther in law and he works in defence, So when he bought the car he had option for yearly payment of road tax. But he could not pay the road tax after that. Now since i am planning to buy it from him looking to clear everything. Would anyone know how much i would have to pay and how do i pay.

    Place - Bangalore, Date of Purchase - 26/08/2011, Cost - 340000.

  • Gagan Modi
    Gagan Modi Thursday, 27 February 2014

    @ Sandeep Kukreti - Pl refer RTO Charges in blog post. It will be done on depreciated value as assessed by RTO Officer
    @ Vikram - yes converting a private car into commercial is possible. You need to get re-registered with a commercial number and pay road tax basis same. Later on claim refund for pro-rata road tax on private number
    @ Arpit - Yes you can claim refund of road tax paid on pro rata basis from Karnataka RTO - Dox :- New & Old RC Xerox, New & Old Insurance Xerox, Chassis Number Imprint, RTO form 16, ID & Address Proof, Req letter for refund
    @ Krishan Kant - This is due to Vat difference & temporary charges. But 2% looks high. Is dealer charging some commission or service charge - pl ask him for breakup of road tax collected
    @ Pankaj - Been the state remains same - it does not seem difficult for buying a Gzb registered car in Noida. However Rental Agreement solely is not accepted as address proof. Can you get in one more address proof - Election Card, Aadhaar UID Card, Change Address in A/c Statement or LIC Policy Copy. or Else contact a local rto broker

  • Guest
    HARI KATIGHAR Wednesday, 19 March 2014

    Sir i have sold my old vehicle on 28/02/2014 and the purchaser has registered the vehicle on his name on 11/03/2014.
    and i have purchased a new vehicle on 03/03/2014 and went to register on 12/03/2014 but the RTO office people said to pay additional 5 % of tax again then only i can registered on my name otherwise not

    kindly help me in this regard

  • Guest
    Pankaj Mishra Wednesday, 26 February 2014

    Hi Gagan,

    I am buying a second hand car. The car is registered on Ghaziabad address and I am staying in Noida in a rented apartment. As an address proof I only have rental agreement. Can you please assist me as if there is any possibility to transfer RC on my name with the available address proof. What are the alternatives if the rental agreement is not enough for the address proof. Will Ghaziabad to Noida transfer is very complex and time consuming? Also any idea as how much this will cost to me?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Guest
    Krishan Kant Tuesday, 25 February 2014

    Hi Gagan,

    I am living in Gurgaon and want to buy a Car from Delhi because i am getting better deal there.
    But when i checked about Registration charges from Delhi Dealer then he is quoting regn. fee @ 8% whereas in Haryana it is 6%?
    I am buying Honda Amaze (diesel) SMT variant with ex-showroom of 669500/-.
    Please confirm why regn. fee is higher than actual when you buy car from other state and regn. in home state?

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Guest Friday, 18 April 2014