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Car Registration Charges in India. RTO Tax, Fees on New Car Purchase

Posted by on in RTO Registration
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Comparison of Passenger Car Registration Across Multiple States in India. Road Tax, Fees with RTO Registration Charges to Calculate On Road Price of Car


Car Registration Slabs

RTO Charges are based on the Ex-showroom Price in India. The discounts, as received by the customer are not taken into account, but a flat fees basis the applicable slab is applied on to the Ex-showroom Price to calculate Registration Cost on New Car

While Registering a Car - a Vehicle Owner Pays in :-

» Road Tax - Slabs mentioned in Table as Taxes applicable to payable to State Government for registering Vehicle in State

» Registration Charges - After Road Tax is Paid, For assigning Unique Registration Number and Smart Card Fees. Approx Rs 200 to 450

» Number Plate - Now most of the Cities / States have High Security Number Plate. HSRP Number Plate also costs in range of Rs 230 to 400

Below are the RTO Charges presented in tabular format across various States, Cities in India


New Car Registration Slabs - Road Taxes Applicable

City / State Road Tax Fees for New Car Registration
Delhi - Individual Registration Price Upto Rs. 6 Lac - Petrol Cars - 4%, Diesel Cars - 5%
  Price between 6 Lac - 10 Lac - Petrol Cars - 7%, Diesel Cars - 8.75%
  Price > Rs. 10 Lac as Exshowroom Cost - Petrol Cars - 10%, Diesel Cars - 12.5%
Delhi - Company Registration (Where Car Registered in name of Firm - Proprietorship / Partnership / Pvt Ltd / Ltd etc) Price Upto Rs 6 Lac - Petrol Cars - 5%, Diesel Cars - 6.25%
  Price between 6 Lac - 10 Lac - Petrol Cars - 8.75%, Diesel Cars - 10.94%
  Price > Rs. 10 Lac as Exshowroom Cost - Petrol Cars - 12.5%, Diesel Cars - 15.63%
  + MCD Parking Charges of Rs. 2000 for cars priced under 4 Lakh and Rs. 4000 for rest of the vehicles. Visit My car helpline for best deals
U.P (Uttar Pradesh) 8% If Price < 10 Lakh, else 10% Road Tax. No separate classification of Petrol, Diesel
Ghaziabad, Noida, Kanpur, Meerut, Agra etc Additional Temporary Charges of Rs. 1500
  For used cars >15 years, new Green Tax Introduced in UP, Chargeable at time of renewal of registration. Green Tax Slabs yet to be known, it will be in addition to charges for Re-Registration + Smart Card
Haryana - last revised on 1st June 2015 Price Upto Rs. 6 Lac - 5%
Faridabad, Gurgaon etc Price between Rs. 6 Lac - 20 Lac - 8%
  Price above 20 Lac - 10%
  Additional: Panchayat Fee and Temporary Charges - Rs 3500 approx as additional charges on Registration 
Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai etc Price < 10 Lakh - CNG @ 5%, Petrol @ 9%, Diesel @ 11%
  Price between 10 Lakh - 20 Lakh - CNG @ 6%, Petrol @ 10%, Diesel @ 12%
  Price Above 20 Lakh - Petrol @ 11%, Diesel @ 13%
  Additional Octroi @ 4.5% for cars registered in Mumbai. If car bought in Company Name or bought by any Ltd or Pvt Ltd company, RTO Slabs would be double the slabs above
Andhra Pradesh Price < 10 Lakh - 12%
Hyderabad, Vijayawada ect Price > 10 Lakh - 14%
  Additional : 2% RTO Tax, if buying 2nd Vehicle in same name and getting it Registered in A.P
Kerala Price < 5 Lakh - 7%
Calicut, Cochin, Trivandrum, Thrissur etc. Price between 5 - 10 Lakh - 10%
  Price > 10 Lakh, but Less than 15 Lakh - 12%
  Price > 15 Lakh but less than 20 Lakh - 15%
  Price > 20 Lakh - 20%
Karnataka Price < 5 Lakh - 15%
Bangalore, Mysore Price between 5 - 10 Lakh - 16%
  Price between 10 - 20 Lakh - 19%
  Price > 20 Lakh - 20%
Chandigarh All Cars Priced uptil 20 Lakh - 6%
  Above 20 Lakh - 8%
Punjab Flat 6% of Ex-showroom price of car, irrespective of Value or Fuel Type
Gujarat For CBU Cars - 6%. However, in cars getting registered in company name 12% (till 31st May 2016). From 1st June 2016 - Road Tax will be 10% (Individuals) / 16% (Company Cases). For CKD Imported Cars - Road Tax will be Double the rates of CBU Cars
Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara etc  
Rajasthan Price upto 3 Lakh - 3%
Jaipur, Alwar, Bikaner, Ajmer etc 3 Lakh to 6 Lakh - 6%
  Above 6 Lakh - 8%
Uttarakhand Price Upto 10 Lakh - 6%
Dehradun, Rishikesh Above 10 Lakh - 8%
Himachal Pradesh Cars less than 1000cc - 2.5%
Shimla, Solan Cars greater than 1000cc - 3%
Madhya Pradesh - MP  
Indore & other cities in MP 7% Flat at Exshowroom Price of Vehicle


Other Cities / States - missed in above list

>  Goa

- 8% for cars priced upto Rs. 6 Lakh. 9% for price in between 6 Lakh - 10 Lakh. 10% for price >= 10 Lakh

Additional:- Infrastructure Cess applicable on High End Cars Priced above 10 Lakh. Rs. 12,000 < 20 Lakh. 40,000 < 40 Lakh. 75,000 < 60 Lakh. 1,00,000 > 60 Lakh


 Disclaimer Though have tried to put in correct figures, still the figures are subject to change and could not be 100% Authenticate due to manual error

New Cars

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Section 47 of Motor Vehicle Act

There have been instances in the past (even though few) including high end luxury cars like Porsche been impounded as resident of the state have taken registration mark of another state. This is due to the fact of Section 47 of Motor Vehicle Act, due to which vehicle owner had to apply for registration of his home state by again paying for RTO Charges.

Section 47 States : When a motor vehicle registered in one State has been kept in another State, for a period > 12 months, the owner of the vehicle need to apply in respective local RTO in State for the assignment of a new registration mark of that state

However its exception in some states, For example: Section 3 of Karnataka Motor Vehicle Act says that if you owe a vehicle in state for 6 months or more, the vehicle owner need to pay applicable Road Tax, and required to get the vehicle re-registered with Karnataka number. So - its advisable to check on, with local state laws - if you planning to move your car to a different state.


Press Release (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways)

Excerpt from Press Release on 35th Meeting of TDC (Transport Development Council) held in October 2013 - Release ID - 100216 stating - resolution passed in the meeting

- On 2-wheelers, on interstate movement of vehicles permanently, full tax will be levied in new state if vehicle is less than 2 year old with refund from original state, but no tax in new state will be levied if vehicle is more than 2 year old. Whereas, on interstate movement of vehicle temporarily, no tax will be levied. 

On cars and LMV, on interstate movement of vehicles. 

- Full tax in new state will be levied if vehicle is less than 2 year old with refund from original state. 

- Tax will be levied on luxury car / LMV (having sale price of Rs. 10 Lakhs or more) at a discounted rate depending on age of car with refund from original state. 

- Refund and tax calculation structure will be common across the states with suitable common discount rates. 


Documents for Car Registration

Basic and Most Important Document is Address Proof.  Some States ask for 1 copy of address and some even ask for 2 copies of Address Proof

However - Address Proof means a Valid Address Proof as per RTO Office definition - a residence proof document as issued by Centre / State or Utility Bills. 

Some of them are :- Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Election Card, Aadhaar UID Card, 6 Month Old Nationalized Bank Account Statement having Address, Passport, Telephone Bill Copy of BSNL or MTNL. LIC Policy Copy etc

Along with it is required Valid ID Proof - which could be one of above having Photograph or Driving License, PAN Card copy etc.


If you have updated info about RTO Slabs of some cities / states - do not miss to write back in comments


Note - Any Queries or advise related to RTO - pls do not post it in comments, rather ask in our Car Forum . One of our Administrators will help you in giving revert

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Gagan is CEO of Modi Online Ventures. Completed MBA from one among Top 10 Management Institute, he has worked for 8 yrs in Corporate Sector - Maruti Suzuki, ICICI Bank. Having passion for Automobiles and Entreprenurship - ventured into Business in April 2011. At MyCarHelpline - you can get in thousands of reviews, latest information updates on Automobiles with Personalised assistance through Forum.


  • Guest
    veeresh C U Saturday, 26 March 2016


    I purchased Maruti suzuki Swift -VDI from GOA , model 2007 and registered in 2008, i want to transfer it to karnataka, what would be the cost of of transfer and re registration

  • Guest
    msn prasad Thursday, 18 February 2016

    I want to purchase new car celerio (maruti Suzuki) through CSD in haryana state and registration also. Basically I am from andra Pradesh state , I am moving with car in next two months to my state (andra Pradesh). Pls advice where to register the new car. In haryana or in andra Pradesh.


  • Guest
    Rajinder Singh Friday, 23 October 2015

    Hi Gagan

    I have Toyota Live 2013 model with chandigarh number.
    Now i have shifted to Hyderabad and have taken all NOC's from there.
    Pl tell me if i have to re-register it in Hyderabad . If yes , does the car no changed to Telangana or will remain same for chandigarh.
    Second , I need to pay the differential tax only or i need to pay the full tax here. If i need to pay the full tax then can i claim the chandigarh road tax. If yes , then what is the procedure for that.
    Pl explain in details.
    Thanks.Rajinder Singh.

  • Guest
    Viswanathan Raja Tuesday, 15 September 2015

    Dear Friends,

    I have made purchase of New Maruti car ALTO800 at Delhi .Transferred the vehicle and Re-registered at Chennai with New Number. In Chennai i have paid Life time road Tax and other formalities. My.My query is their any form (with number) to be filled to get refund of road tax from DELHI RTO ,if forms are available ,please share

    much thanks and Regards

  • Guest
    Rahul D Wednesday, 19 August 2015

    Hi Gagan,

    I am relocating to Mumbai from Bangalore. I am carrying my XUV500 with me and want to check with you as to how much will I be required to pay for re-registration in Mumbai. The car was bought by me in Dec 2014-FYI.

  • Guest
    bhaskar Sunday, 26 July 2015

    My name is Bhaskar. I’m working in Defence Navy,Mumbai. I bought my car from Kerala and it is Kerala registered and I’m using it here. Since I’m a central government employee my job is a transferable one.I’m hoping that I would get transferred back to Kerala within few months. So should I re-register my car to Maharashtra state or can I drive it as it is?

  • Guest
    prasad shirodkar Tuesday, 09 June 2015

    Hi, I am planning to buy new car in Maharashtra. Dealer is charging 9% on ex showroom price of car for registration but RTO Maharashtra site says for LMV is 7% on ex showroom price.. I am confused...

  • Guest
    Satish Kulkarni Friday, 04 March 2016

    The tax for registration on LMV is 9% on petrol driven vehicles and 5% for CNG vehicles,as I have repaid at 9% to RTO as my vehicle was bought in 2007, due to different reasons i had to repay the registration tax to RTO.

    Satish Kulkarni
    C : 9820877356

  • Guest
    Praphullachandra Sharma Saturday, 30 May 2015

    Dear Gaganji
    I am planning to buy a Toyota altis with UP ( Gaziabad) registration. I want to register in New Delhi as I stay here. Is it possible to get the car registered in my name in Delhi, and what are the documents required and how much will it cost.
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  • Guest
    vasu bansal Thursday, 07 May 2015

    i bought swift zdi for 730000 and paid only 20038 as registration fee @2.75% in himachal pradesh.. satisfied with the registration fee.. i guess cheapest in all over india..

  • Guest
    Akash Thursday, 23 April 2015

    i have a alto 800 lxi i bought it one year ago but no regestrtion and now i want ot regester my car .please tell me what charge will , i have to pay.

  • Guest
    Raj Thursday, 02 April 2015

    Hi Gagan,

    i am moving from Mumbai to Bangalore and would like to know the cost involved in re registration there.
    can i drive without registration there stating my insurance is from Mumbai and is valid for another 1 one year and i am in transit.

  • Guest
    HEMANTH Thursday, 19 February 2015

    HI ALL

    The taxation is based upon ex showroom (including vat?) What happens when discounts are given by the manufacturer or Dealer ?

    example :- i20 Elite EXshowroom inv shows Rs .75700.00 but we have got discount of Dealer Ex showroom INV as Rs.500000.00?

    Kindly confirm any problem will happen from RTO audit?

  • Guest
    Anoop Friday, 21 November 2014

    The taxation is based upon ex showroom (including vat?) What happens when discounts are given by the manufacturer?

  • Guest
    Nikhil Tadphale Tuesday, 11 November 2014

    When a motor vehicle registered in one State has been kept in another State, for a period > 12 months, the owner of the vehicle need to apply in respective local RTO in State for the assignment of a new registration mark of that state

    My question is how would the RTO know that the vehicle has been kept in another State, for a period > 12 months

  • Guest
    V Radhakrishna RAo Wednesday, 13 August 2014

    I purchased a second hand Santro 2003 model car in delhi, Life tax is valid upto sept 2018, I want to take this car to Hyderabad. What is the procedure for Re-egistration and how much I have to pay as Tax for the remaining four years valid life Tax.

  • Guest
    manu Saturday, 09 August 2014

    Hello I purchased a car in aug12 and deposited the tax before it increased from 4 to 6 percent when I went for apply for rc they said u hav to deposit 2 percent more till date I haven't made my rc suggest something pls

  • Guest
    Mani Saturday, 09 August 2014

    Hi Gagan,
    I own an ambassador 1999 model, chandigarh registered.. Now am living in jamnagar..RC is getting expired by 31 Aug 2014.
    Can u tell me how much approx to be spend if i have to do RC renewal and RC transfer registration in jamnagar.. Is it the same price as that of new car registration or according to the price for which i purchased.. !!

  • Guest
    abhyuday Wednesday, 30 July 2014

    Hi Gagan,

    What is the road tax for new car in kolkata in petrol & disel version?

  • Guest
    M P SINGH Tuesday, 29 July 2014



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