Essentials for your Car

Are you considering Safety, Elegance for your Car - Shop Online with Delivery from Amazon for the Best Items for your Car Handpicked - a Must for every Car Owner


» Car Tyre Inflator: An Excellent Product to be used for Emergency Situation in restoring air. Driving in Night or Driving on Highway - you can be sure to get Air Refilled even in Tyre with Puncture to reach your destination without getting Stranded on road or nearby Puncture Shop. Prominent Brand Names in Tyre Inflator:- Michelin Car Air Compressor & GoodYear Car Air Compressor - Branded and Reputed one

Cost in Range of Rs 2000 to Rs 4000



» Car Headlight UpgradeComes in Reputed Brands like Osram Night Breaker Plus / Phillips Xtreme Vision. Priced from Rs 1200 to Rs 1600 - a Pair of Front Headlights in Car

» Philips Xtreme Vision - b2ap3_thumbnail_Buyitnow.jpg

» Osram Night Breaker - b2ap3_thumbnail_Buyitnow.jpg

These Bulbs comes with Improved Filament Design which claims to Offer upto 100% more Light. No Separate Relay and no Separate Wiring Harness is needed. Bulbs are Upgraded as simple replacement with Easy Plug & Play with these Xtreme Vision Bulbs. Aids an Excellent Safety with Better Clarity in Night Drive


» 3d Mats3D Mats, unlike Rubber Mats are not Universal Design - but are Custom Machine Designed for every Model for Perfect Fit, Finish so as to protect in Car Floor Carpet by collecting in Dirt, Debris, Road Particles at near Perfection without causing even a slight damage to Car Flooring.

3d car mats

» They do not have Bad Odour as what one can get in Traditional Rubber Mats. You Park the Car in Sunlight for hours and wont get any Bad Odour

» As they are Custom Machine Finished for every Model (Rubber Mats are Universal) - expect top Notch Fit and Finish and Styling Wow Factor

» Anti Skid so that there is no Slippage Felt while Driving and 100% WaterProof.


Some Popular Brands Offering 3D Mats are Maxpider Kagu, Elegant, SpeedWav, Star Car Mat, Digifit, Coozo etc offering Quality Mats. Available upwards from Rs 2500 onwards for Hatch to upto Rs 7500 for Mid Sedan Cars, while for Luxury Brands comes in range of Rs 10000 to 15000.

Car Perfume: Car Perfume not only refresh one mood but research reports states that a good soothing car perfume has :- 

« Medical benefits of making one less fatigue on drive

« Gives passengers and driver a soothing and comfortable feel during the journey


Reputed Brands are:- AmbiPur, Godrej, My Shaldan, Dr Marcus, Abro. Give your Car a Fresh Soothing Appeal with Car Perfume

Car Air Purifier:  Every one is concerned of high Pollution levels. Delhi and some other Indian cities are topping the chart in Global list of world most Polluted cities. It’s a Deadly trap in which we all are stuck in. However thankfully there are Air Purifier which has Hepa Filter. It cleans Air by trapping in contaminant in Air including Impurities, Dust Particles and Particulate through its advanced Technology.


Some Popular brands of Car Purifier are from - HoneyWell, Kent, Philips known for there technology and reliability and costs anywhere around Rs 5000 to Rs 7000. The Filters are considered to have life of around 300 to 350 hours and if you drive in say 90 minutes a day, can use in this Purifier for good 8 to 9 Months.  The replacement cost of Hepa Filter has to be in which costs around Rs 1000