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For changing tyres on my Hyundai car - which is best tyre to choose from Apollo, Bridgestone, MRF, Michelin and Continental Company with Price and Reason for Choosing one among other. Thanks Dr. Mohit
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    Saturday, January 18 2014 - #permalink
    Michelin and Bridgestone are more prominent according to our view and are of International standards
    Infact - if correct then Bridgestone tyres are even used in Factory fitted i10

    MRF, Apollo Tyre are Indian brands - they are well priced, economical - but may be if you desire even more - go with Bridgestone or Michelin.
    Will recommend either of them to go in for

    Do however check on :-
    > Warranty
    > Specs - Size - Tread - are they meeting Manufacturer specs
    > Brand - will not suggest to choose in Chinese brand - if bridgestone cost Rs. 3700 for i10 tyre, chinese brand can come in around Rs. 2500 - but the eventual saving / durability / life and performance can not match that Bridgestone standard

    Also, may refer below articles for further info
    Car Tyre Size
    Car Tyre Care
    Car Tyre Prices
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    Saturday, May 31 2014 - #permalink
    what would be the price of Michelin or Bridgestone Tyres for Maruti Swift - 14 inch tyres

    Do you have any reviews for buying it online or shall i buy it through a tyre dealer in Mumbai
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    Monday, June 02 2014 - #permalink

    For Swift, R 14 165/80, estimated price :-
    Bridgestone Tyres should cost - Rs. 14,000 - 15,000 (for set of 4 tyres)
    Michelin should cost - Rs. 16,000 - 18,000

    For online tyre purchase, personally speaking we dont have any reviews, have heard of Changemytyre & Tyreonwheels
    May check up prices & if have to change it immediately, may check with Dealer Outlets

    You can get contact details of Authorized Dealers of Michelin & Bridge from there sites:-

    Hope should be able help you !!
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