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I look for buying a high end luxury car. Could you provide all available car models in price range of 20 Lakh to 30 Lakh Price Segment in India with Engine details
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    Monday, June 24 2013 - #Permalink
    Hello Manav,

    Is it Sedan or SUV. The available options are:-

    - Benz A Class, B Class

    - BMW X1
    - Audi Q3
    - Toyota Fortuner
    - Nissan X Trail
    - Volvo V40
    - Hyundai Santa Fe
    - Ford Endeavour
    - Chevy Captiva

    - Nissan Teana
    - Toyota Camry
    - Honda Accord
    - Hyundai Sonata
    - Skoda Superb
    - Volkswagen Passat

    You can know more about them in New Car section of site. Trust, it helps !!

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    Monday, August 19 2013 - #Permalink
    I am planning to buy 2012 passat trendline which is priced same as jetta highline.I would like opinions on whether am i doing right buying 2012 model as 2013 ones will be out this December.

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      more than a month ago
      Sorry for the delayed reply !!

      Would prefer any day Passat over Jetta. Its like 2 segments
      Rather Passat is more to compare with Benz, Audi, BMW category segment of cars. The social status of owning a Passat is much more than owning a Jetta
      Passat is much more Powerful than Jetta - 170 BHP Power as against 138 BHP in Jetta. Also has more spacious in cabin, bigger length adding premium to it, has more classy appeal than Jetta

      Only thing in which Jetta excels Passat will be the features been you comparing Top End Jetta over Base Passat
      Cruise Control, Parking Sensors, Touchscreen Display, Daytime Headlights, Retractable ORVMs ... However - some of these you can get it installed at dealer point
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