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With falling rupee against dollar, can the price increase be there on cars in India. I plan to buy car in couple of months, shall i pre-pone my buying decision
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    Wednesday, June 19 2013 - #Permalink
    Well, which car are you looking to buy !!
    If its Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors or Mahindra - where all parts are obtained locally - not much of an impact

    However, if keen to buy Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford or Chevrolet - with Indian currency devaluation, the import cost has increased for these manufacturers.. Though the price have almost increased 5-6 times in last 2 yrs.. But, be ready for another price hike if rupee sustains on level of 57 or more for some more time, as no manufacturer would like to absorb costs - in event of low sales, giving already higher fixed costs:p

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