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I need to know about Strut Braces, have 3 yr old Verna, but suspension seems to be soft to give bumps on upcountry roads. Can Strut Braces can improve the suspension and what are the charges, cost of installing
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    Sunday, March 31 2013 - #Permalink
    Strut Brace is basically a bar connecting with the two sides of suspendion together.
    When one turn the car to extremes or move to off-roaders where there are bumps - the Strut Braces helps in holding the suspension points together and thus helps in balancing the suspension... Its more like a weight dynamics

    Mostly used to connect to front suspension - Strut Braces yes are useful feature if you feel that suspension of the car is soft and mostly drive on the upcountry roads
    The price in general should be between Rs. 2500 - 4000 (or may be slight less) of Strut Braces for connecting with the front suspension

    Herein we are attaching a photo of Strut Braces (look at the blue bar - its what called Strut Brace)

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