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i want to purchase a new car... budget- 4.5lacs , running- 100km per mnth..
plzz suggest 1 car out of dese..
1. brio
2. figo
3. ritz
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    Gagan Modi
    Gagan Modi
    Friday, February 01 2013 - #Permalink
    Hello Rajat,

    is it 100 kms a month !!
    On a budget of 4.5 Lakh with 100 km drive , will recommend Ford Figo
    - Maximum Space inside the cabin, also has biggest boot among all hatchbacks upto 5 Lakh price
    - Engine pick up is also good, 1.2 Lit delivers 80 BHP
    - Well toned interiors with smart body Looks
    - Features of Power Steering, Front Power Window, Remote Central Lock - will be there in Figo Exi (ex-showroom 4.25 Lakh - will suit your budget)
    - Mileage should not be an issue as your running is less

    Rest - for other cars you may to shell more to get above features.
    Note - Swift will cost you beyond 4.5 L (as its ex-showroom of base model is 4.48). Brio EMT, price similar to figo but has lesser features and is more compact against Figo

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