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My car cleaner did a fabulous job and messed car's windshield totally. Need inputs from car experts to correct the problem.....
I believe he used the duster to whisk away the dirt and then might have used newspaper & applied all his kilos to ensure the windshield is absolute clean. In the process of doing this, helpless windshield developed millions of scratches which are only visible during night while driving. When head light from opposite car falls, they are most visible & causes quite a disturbance while driving. Anybody who had been unlucky like to me to have similar kind of car cleaner and has addressed the issue by not replacing the windshield, please provide your inputs. Last thing is windshield replacement which I do not intend to do if there's a way out.
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    Thursday, January 31 2013 - #Permalink
    Hello Amitava,

    To the best of my info - there is no way to remove scratches of that extent. :(
    May be for a couple of minor scratches - one could have tried using a glass polishing kit and that from a service mechanic who does this

    But for scratches of that extent needs a replacement only
    Leaving to to users/viewers to share any solution of same, if aware of.

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