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I am planning to buy diesel car, however confused that what should be the minimum mileage kms in monthly driving to prefer diesel over petrol car. Pl Recommend
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    Tuesday, January 29 2013 - #Permalink
    Hello Aditya,

    Well, the current price gap is Rs. 20 a litre on Petrol against Diesel
    However, the recent announcements of hiking diesel price may further reduce the gap b/w Petrol and Diesel

    Still for a fair estimate - keeping in view that one should buy a diesel car if can cover the initial payment cost in 4 yrs as benchmark. *
    then, ideally your monthly running should be bare minimum 1500 kms

    How is this Mileage calculated
    Diesel cars generally have better mileage over Petrol. How much !! Well - It generally has 25% - 30% better fuel economy against counterpart Petrol Car

    So - if you drive 1500 kms a month - on a car like Swift, in city conditions you may get mileage of 15-16 Kmpl on Petrol and 18-20 Kmpl on Diesel
    So - taking a rough estimate - would require 100 Lit in Petrol and 75-80 Lit of Diesel

    On an average you will be saving Rs. 3000 approx a month on 1500 Km Drive on Diesel over Petrol.
    It transforms to a saving of Rs. 1.25 Lakh in 4 yrs

    So - if you feel that you may be driving atleast 50km (dailly) or 1500 kms a month for next 4 yrs - then it could be wise decision to move towards Diesel car, else Petrol should be the default option.

    * Note
    a) Diesel cars involve higher insurance premium year on year against Petrol cars
    b) The Maintenance would be slightly higher in Diesel Cars against Petrol

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