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Hello - My budget is till 8 Lakh, Looking for Best Petrol Car with maximum features, good mileage, better handling and ofcourse style. Which car should i buy between price of 7 Lakh to 8 Lakh as on road price in Gurgaon.
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    Monday, January 28 2013 - #Permalink
    Hi Aksah,

    Strech it to 50K more & go for a Fludic Verna 1.6 EX VTVT.
    Will cost you around 8.45 Lacs on road in gurgaon. I just bought one - r
    Has all the gadgets you need in a car except the alloys. Enjoy !

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    Tuesday, January 29 2013 - #Permalink
    Hi Akash,

    To our view you may consider looking at
    - Maruti Swift Dzire Zxi - will fit in your budget at 7 Lakhs.
    - Nissan Sunny XL - will come @ price of around 7.6 Lakh
    - Hyundai Verna as Vikas Suggested - have to exceed budget by around 50K approx

    In terms of your parameters

    Maruti Swift Dzire Zxi
    - Best Mileage among all Petrol cars. Can expect 15-16 kmpl in City Conditions
    - Almost fully loaded - ABS, Airbags, Alloys, Automatic Climate Control, Power Steering, All 4 Door Power Window, Remote Central Lock, Double Din CD Player with Steering Mounted Audio Controls.
    - Good pick up and drive factor

    - Short Boot
    - Slighty cramped on legroom if you compare against Dzire and Sunny

    Nissan Sunny XL
    - Feel of Space inside the car, one of the best spacious sedans in the market. The legroom is great, thanks to extended wheelbase of 2600 mm
    - Almost all features with feel of sedan
    - Good Pick up, Value for Money with Sedan and Features in 7.5 Lakh Price

    - Lacks Alloy Wheels
    - The drive and pick up factor is not that great (may be we feel that in all Petrol cars - Honda City has the best feel and pickup. You drive City and any other car, will suddenly get the feel)
    - The Interiors are much carried from theme of Micra, you may not get a feel of much upmarket as what you may observe if sit in Honda City or Hyundai Verna

    Hyundai Verna Ex
    - The best upmarket design and body built - stylish among all 3
    - To our view - the best Interiors between Sunny, Dzire and Verna is with Verna
    - Great Pick up, 1.6 Lit VTVT Engine gives 123 BHP - by far much better among all 3 Cars
    - Has some advanced additional features (against Sunny XL n Dzire Zxi) - Rear View Camera, Parking Censors

    - Lacks Alloy Wheels. Has only Driver side Airbag in Verna Ex against Dzire and Sunny having dual front Airbags
    - Some what suspension is not the best among all 3 cars. May be Vikas can share
    - Slightly exceeding your budget

    - Go for Verna (if can exceed further by 50K) - Powerful Engine, Best Interiors, Best Exteriors. However - may compromise slight on only driver side airbags and slightly on the drive factor
    - Go for Sunny - Feel of Sedan, Spacious Car, Almost Fully Loaded Features @ Value Price. In your budget too
    - Go for Dzire - If you like to go with low maintenance factor of Maruti, excellent mileage, smart body looks and fully loaded (less leather upholstery) at lower end of your price i.e 7 Lakh

    All the Best.... Thanks Vikas for sharing your view !!!

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